According to Eastern Philosophy there are five Elements in absolutely everything, even in you!


Whilst everybody has these elements, the amount and proportion of these elements varies in each and every one of us. That’s why one person can be vastly different than another person.

Just think of the office fight about the ‘window open – window closed’ scenario, where one person is cold the other is hot given the same temperature.

Your body bio-energies can reveal whether we are hot or cold easily and they can give us even much more insight into how we think and feel, reveal our well-being strength and weaknesses and subsequently inform our best lifestyle choices.

Our best lifestyle choices depend on knowing your body type.

What is healthy for me could be detrimental to you if your body bio-energies are completely opposite to mine.

Here is why knowing your body bio-energies is important:

❤️ You can build on your strength and use your strength more effectively to your advantage and manage your inherent weaknesses from becoming a health problem in the future.

❤️ You can solve well-being problems by balancing your body bio-energies with lifestyle choices and you can progress quicker when solving well-being issues holistically or accompanying the conventional route.

❤️ You will find it easier to select the right lifestyle choices right away without lengthy trial and error because you will be able to give the right lifestyle choices a try first.

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