According to Eastern Philosophy there are five Elements in absolutely everything, even in us!

This means the characteristics of the five elements can be found everywhere in nature and in us!

These elements are represented in our body make up in different proportions, but they can also give us insight into how we think and feel.



These elements are:

Space – this has the characteristics of cavities, dwellings, porous qualities, freedom, ability to receive and grow, room for potential to move into.

Wind – this has the characteristics of change, volatility, various intensities, various directions, movement, push power drying and unattached, loose.

Fire – this has the characteristics of transformation, intensity, heat causing, engine power, vision creating, attached to an object can spread.

Water – this has the characteristics of flow, and movement with liquidity can spread by flow, uses path of least resistance, sticky and nurturing.

Earth – this has the characteristics of stability, structure giving, solidity and stillness, without movement, can be blockages and obstacles.


Why is this important?

Knowing your elements is a part of knowing yourself which can help you understand your actions and reactions better. It will also give you insight into your overall health and what your health challenges can be in the future. The elements can reveal your mental and physical strength and weaknesses. 

We are all different, and not all the same.

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