Yes, it is possible to achieve better sleep.

My training course “7 steps to better sleep” is based on Ayurveda. With Ayurveda you will learn how to control your body bio-energy responsible for sleep. Ayurveda is an lifestyle design method based on the five elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. Everybody has a unique combination of these elements and lifestyle & dietary adjustments help balance these elements. This results in better well-being and sleep.

The Solution

7 Steps to Better Sleep

In this course you will learn how to manipulate your body bio-energies for better sleep.

This course is available as a one day workshop, several lunch & learn presentations, or via online self-study.

Better sleep means more quantity and quality of sleep; regenerative sleep helps to manage stress.

Our Customers

Your Benefits:

> more sleep quantity will mean improved energy and productivity

> regenerative sleep quality means increased ability to manage stress

> also benefits engagement and employment brand

>  a calmer person has more positive outlook and relationships at work

Benefit: Productivity

Now you can help your staff sleep better. They will feel great after regenerative sleep. They will feel more energised when they are at work.

Good sleep is an important well-being factor, especially when managing stress. Bad sleep makes us feel cranky and unfocused. It also impairs stress regeneration and affects everything.

Great sleep improves your productivity, reduce presenteism, lower absenteism and increase engagement.

“It is common for managers and colleagues to look at a lack of focus or motivation, irritability, and bad decision making as being caused by poor training, organizational politics or the work environment. The answer could be much simpler – a lack of sleep.”

From The Wake-up Call: The importance of sleep in organizational life

Benefit: Stress Management

The ability to manage stress depends on the quality of regenerative sleep. A deep and restful sleep makes the world look better at the start of the day.

People who experience deep and restful sleep can shake off stressors and start a new day on a new page with renewed vigor. The body can repair and restore over night only if we can get enough restful sleep.

Benefit: Engagement

Your team is the most important aspect of your business and you know that employee wellness is one of the four pillars of work engagement.

When you consistently care about employee health, your employees will not just be healthier, but you will also win them over.

You will benefit twice!

Four drivers of work-engagement:



The extent to which the organisation is concerned for employees’ health and well-being is the final pillar of engagement. Here, at the nutritionhealer, we will help your organisation communicate to your employees that their well-being is important to you.



The opportunities employees have to develop their jobs is an important factor of engagement. When job descriptions are rigid and not able to evolve and grow with the person, then engagement will also stop growing.



The extent to which employees feel able to voice their ideas, and managers listen to these views, and value employees’ contributions. Not being listened to and heard on the other hand is a source of frustration for employees.



The involvement in decision making is the number one driver of engagement. Being able to influence the outcome is important. If the employee is replaceable to the company, so is the company replaceable to the employee.

Work engagement is ‘a positive attitude held by the employee towards the organisation and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context, and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organisation. The organisation must work to develop and nurture engagement, which requires a two-way relationship between employer and employee.’

(Institute of Employment Studies, UK)

Benefit: Employee Relations

A well rested and well balanced team and co-create more effectively, take better and timely decisions. It reduces conflict and time wasted. The information on body bio-energies can be used by managers laterally to improve team performance.