I am busy farm hunting at the moment!

I am looking for the perfect place where YOU can come and chillax at. It will be a small farm or a homesteaed, called

TAPAS Ayurveda & Yoga Eco Farm

And you will be eating fresh home grown farm food, picked in the morning and prepared on the same day. It couldn’t get any fresher than that. No plastic involved, no diesel involved. Imagine to eat all that fresh tomatoes from the land and drink the juices just picked off the tree..  Lovely.

And in the winter, we just do the same, we will be growing lovely winter crops such as kale, beans and cabbages.

There will be Ayurveda treatments, holiday stays or Ayurveda courses. An oasis for well-being and chillaxing, at least for you – and for me it will a lot of work to get everything ready so that this place can have a healing ripple effect in the world.

So there is the dream…

My lineage includes farmers (at least on one side of the family before they merged with city folk) and people who live with nature and the land. I knew my great grand dad, who was a very tall man and who ran a farm. When I was a child, we went to visit the farm every weekend. So, I reckon that I will just have to channel the family knowledge and add some of my own.

What you want to know is that your farm stay will be vegetarian as we won’t be eating any of our animals. The animals can live peacefully with us. And if you are vegan we will be able to cater to this too.