A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

We are starting a journey from a consumer driven lifestyle to a more sustainable, holistic and natural life-style, which feels better and is better for the environment. We are dipping our toes in at first and then practice new ways, and when you are convinced that you can make a difference simply with your life-style choices alone, you will probably want to jump right in and get on with the change and transformation of your life to live your best life!

So here are some tips to get started with:

1) Lemon Water

Start the day with lemon water before you have coffee (if you have coffee). This hydrates you very well in the morning, as you didn’t have any fluids for many hours, whilst coffee does the opposite, it de-hydrates. And if you drink a lot of coffee it could just save you one cup per day. Notice how it feels to drink lemon water and delay the coffee.

2) Touch your toes

If are you sitting all day, then at least once in a day bend over and try and touch your toes. Flexibility happens rather quickly and you will be surprised how much of a difference this little daily bend makes. The spine is a really important part of your body and there is a saying you are only as young as your spine feels.

3) Start the day early

When you get up a bit earlier in the morning than usual you will gain extra time. The day is over so quickly anyways, and the day is gone in a blink. It is much healthier to wake up a bit before sunrise or at least get a good early enough start to the day because it is the biological clock aligning with the universal clock.

4) Ditch the tea bags

Google tea strainers, as you will need them when you switch over to loose tea. Find the one that works best for you. Due to the plastic content, conventional tea bags cannot completely decompose. This makes them a bad option for compost material and the environment… not to mention your body! Like most plastics, polypropylene is known to adversely affect the body’s endocrine system.

5) Gratitude

Often we are even our own worst enemy, demand too much! Start working with the antidote to this problem, like this: At least 3 times a day, express gratitude to somebody or for something. We all have good things to be grateful for and when we open our eyes to gratitude everything becomes a gift.

6) Take a moment

Take a moment to stop and breathe and focus on your inner world. Close your eyes and take inhale and exhale, inhale deeply and exhale, inhale one more time and exhale. Done! Ready to carry on…

7) Night Time

Switch your electronic devices off at night and get a manual alarm clock. The electromagnetic fields from mobile telecommunications influence brain activity during sleep. The radiation may activate the brain’s stress system decreases your ability to wind down and fall asleep”.

8) Shopping

In order to change over to an increasingly organic based diet without increasing your budget as well, you will need to modify the way you go about buying things. Start buying more commodity ingredients in bulk. So instead of buying a small fun size package of nuts, buy large packages of organic seed & nuts and make your own individual grazing portions.

9) Jam Jars

Save your jam jars, clean them and remove the label. They are now perfect for storage of your dried goods and spices in the larder or cupboard. There is no need to buy fancy storage jars when you can have these jars for free. You can also keep your left over food in there or take food to work in your jars. It’s also possible to use thee jars in the freezer.

10) Plants

Look at the plants around you, even if they are weeds or growing at the edges of the road. Have a look how wonderful they are, how resilient and strong they are and how perfect they grow. A lot of weeds are medicinal and in order to understand them you need start your journey with your eyes open. So why not start today?

11) Grow your own

Ask your friends what they are growing in their gardens or on windowsills and get inspired what edible plants you could grow. This could be the fig tree in a pot on the patio or balcony or it could be the lambs lettuce in the window box. No matter how small your space, you can grow something in this space.


Have you enjoyed reading these top tips? If your answer is yes, then you will also enjoy the 21 days ayurveda challenge.