Morning Tea

– revitalise & invigorate –

Ingredients: Lime Flower, Gotu Kola, Yarrow, Mint

30 grams

In the morning we want to get our circulation going in a good way, stay calm and grounded at the same time.  We want to rid ourselves of mucous congestion and brain fog and get be ready for mental agility of our work day. Setting yourself up well for the day in the morning can make all the difference how you feel for the entire day. My morning tea will help you to a great start.

Afternoon Tea 

– rebalance & harmonise –

Ingredients: Raspberry, Nettle, Sage, Mint

30 grams

Girl Power Tea is a perfect afternoon tea designed for radiance and beauty. We want anti-aging properties such as anti-oxidants and vitamins, promote healthy skin from within, remove some pesky toxins from the body and help sooth our menstrual cycle. My girl power tea has been blended as an afternoon tea to maximise girl power and radiance from within.

Evening Tea

– soothe & relax –

Ingredients: Hawthorn, Red Clover, Mint, Nettle


At night we want to support our body with the hard work of expelling toxins, regenerating cells and soothing mind and body. The evening blend contains herbal adaptogens and tonics to support your body at night. My evening blend includes hawthorn which is traditionally used as a heart tonic.

Three Teas




A set of three herbal teas.


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