"Organic - is it our choice or duty?"

TEN Reasons why organic is good for you, good for others and good for the planet.

Empowers you about your food choices
Uncovers where your food comes from
You can make better health decisions
You can change your life and make more ethical choices
You will  feel healthier and create a healthier world
You will reduce your footprint on the planet

Did you know?

Farming methods have changed dramatically in just a couple of generations. The government regulators and the world of industry leave it up to the consumer to make educated purchase decisions. But how can we make the right choices when advertising is not entirely honest?

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What's in the presentation?

What are ethical versus unethical food production methods?

Who are the people and what are their believes to employ various methods?

Why do growers use pesticides, herbicides and fungicide chemicals?

Which foods should we chose for higher antioxidant levels and greater health benefits?

What is genetically modified, where is it used and why best to avoid it?

Which plants are good sources of  protein to introduce vegetarian/vegan days?

What is organic and biodynamic farming, who regulates the industry?

What exactly is local food and is it always better to chose local?

Can intensive farming today create a problem for the children of tomorrow?

What can I do to maximise nutrition and wellbeing for my family?