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Because you can’t pay anybody to take on your illnesses and dis-eases and money can’t buy better sleep, a natural lifestyle is the one thing that matters the most! Yoga is a natural and holistic way to achieve better sleep.

The benefits are plenty:

  • No dependency on drugs and no side effects from their long-term use

  • It kick-starts a positive healing response for other ailments too

  • Puts YOU in control and not the pharmacist

  • Provides mind-body harmony and a spiritual journey money cannot buy

And yoga costs nothing if you can manage on your own, or very little if you choose to get help with instruction and motivation.

The other natural processes that yoga can help balance – more so in combination with nutrition as a multifaceted approach – are:

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Anxiety, Stress, Depression & Brain Fog

  • Natural Menopause

  • Sluggish Digestion & Bloating

  • Disease Recovery

  • Healing & Wellbeing

  • Pre-conception Care

  • Menstrual Problems

  • Personal Transformation AND


So how does Yoga do all that?

  1. Humors

In the olden days medicine used to have a concept called Humors and although this has fallen by the wayside nowadays, it still exists in eastern medicine, where the concept is still alive. In Ayurveda we speak of doshas, which are, broadly summarised, three: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Natural processes get blocked when there is a problem with the doshas, or let’s call them bioenergies. The bioenergies have expressions in the nervous system, the physical/chemical balance and the mucus/tissue relationship.

  • Yoga helps balance the bio-energies, which are needed for well functioning bio-processes, such as sleep.

  1. Energy

You may have heard of energy channels, acupuncture points or nadis. These are like light switches in the body through which human energy flows. Sometimes a blockage of this energy can cause a biological problem. If you sit badly in one position at your desk, and the result is back and neck pain, then you have created an energy blockage. Blockages can also occur in chakras, through negative experiences, such as office politics and childhood trauma.

  • Yoga helps to remove energy blockages and activates the good flow of energy through the body, which is necessary for well-being.

  1. Detox

Yoga combines specific breathing exercises with specific body postures to reach the hard to reach places. You will feel places in your body that you think are quite new and you never knew existed. Getting to these places with exercise and breathing will remove endotoxins from the body and make you feel refreshed.

  • Yoga can detox places that are otherwise hard to reach with a detoxifying diet alone and can provide access to new energy channels that were previously blocked.

Potentiating the Effect with a Nutritional Programme

Combining Yoga with an Ayurvedic Nutrition Programme will compound the effect of detox, energy and balance. Yes, you can relieve anxiety, depression and brain fog with yoga and diet, balance natural processes and achieve great sleep.

To sleep better you can enrol in my Online Ayurveda Course and the Online Yoga Course; both are designed to support you all the way to achieving this lifestyle change. And if you want more, individual coaching sessions with me are also available.

Holistic approaches are not a quick fix, but require you to participate and co-create the healing journey. And if you do, I guarantee you will definitely feel results in as little as 40 days. Your life contains as many as 30,000 days!

The power is in your hands to create healthy, joyful days and a life well lived.

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Sonja Breuer (MSc. ayur. med.) is tapping into a niche solution for improving sleep with Eastern Medicine of Ayurveda and Yoga. The products available are online courses and individual coaching. She encourages people to embrace lifestyle changes to bring about better sleep, leading to greater levels of well-being, energy and performance.

Sonja is qualified with a post graduate degree in Ayurvedic medicine, more than 1000 yoga teaching hours, coaching and mentoring diplomas and energy healing abilities. She has devised online programmes for better sleep: “7 Steps to Better Sleep” and “Yoga for Better Sleep” so you can get started immediately, either before or whilst working with her in person, either online or offline.