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Is my Sleep Disturbance caused by my Body Bio-energies?

Not being able to sleep well is debilitating; it makes you feel tired and low on energy, affecting your performance. How do we lose the ability to naturally sleep like a baby? The answer is that our bio-energies are to blame because body bio-energies are the link between the underlying cause and the ability to sleep well. So, in order to sleep well naturally again, you would have to remove the underlying cause and balance the increased body bio-energy.

In my online programme “7 Steps to Better Sleep”, I teach you the techniques necessary to balance your body bio-energies to achieve better sleep. Sometimes a spike in body bio energies is caused by a damaged lifestyle, but in any case, a spike in body bio-energies can be balanced out with a few lifestyle changes. It is literally a case of change your life and feel better. But how do you know if you have a body bio-energy imbalance?

There are certain signs and symptoms which indicate that you might be suffering from a body bio-energy imbalance. One or more of your body bio-energies have peaked for some reason. The reason could be external and out of your control or it could be related to your diet or the manner in which you conduct your life.

If you have two or more of the below problems accompanying your sleep problem, then you will have at least one peaked body bio-energy and could benefit from some simple lifestyle changes to reduce this body bio-energy and improve your overall well-being, including sleep.

Signs and symptoms of increased body bio-energies:

  • nervousness, anxiety, panic, fear

  • twitches, tics, tremors, spasms

  • dry or chapped skin

  • constipation, gas, bloating, dry, hard stools

  • low body weight

  • dislike of cold and wind

  • difficulty tolerating loud noises

  • light, interrupted sleep

  • spacey, scattered feeling

  • excessive thinking or worrying

  • red, inflamed rash, acne, cold sores

  • acute inflammation in body or joints

  • acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn

  • nausea or discomfort upon missing meals

  • loose stools

  • uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body

  • frustration, anger, irritability

  • judgementalism, impatience, criticism, intolerance

  • red, inflamed or light-sensitive eyes

  • excessive perfectionist tendencies


Sonja Breuer (MSc. ayur. med.) is tapping into a niche solution for improving sleep by combining the eastern medicine of Ayurveda and yoga. The products available are online courses and individual coaching. She encourages people to embrace lifestyle changes to bring about better sleep, leading to greater levels of well-being, energy and performance. Sonja is qualified with a postgraduate degree in Ayurvedic medicine and has more than 1000 yoga-teaching hours. She holds coaching and mentoring diplomas and has energy healing abilities. She has devised online programmes for better sleep: “7 Steps to Better Sleep” and “Yoga for Better Sleep”, so you can get started immediately, either before or whilst working with her in person, either online or offline.