Roses are a super-food


Rose petals contain polyphenols, antioxidants that work to protect your body from cell damage and ageing. The polyphenols in rose tea have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive diseases and improve memory. You can also use these to make rose oil or rose water for your skin care routine.

My quality is better than organic, grown on from my own farm without any chemicals whatsoever, all organic compost.


 How can I use rose petals?


🌹 You can make rose oil with it by infusing the petals in everyday organic oil and leave covered in oil for 6 weeks

🌹 You can make rose water (by boiling the petals) and drink it as a lovely tea, or add the rose water to your tea (as is done in the middle east)

🌹 Let this rose water cook and it is a great anti ageing skin cleanser, and can also be drunk as a cooling drink for the summer. Or you can use the rose water further and make a jam with it, cook or bake with it. You could freeze it in nice pink ice cubes

🌹 You could powder the rose petals in a blender and add to deserts

🌹 Or you could throw them as confetti at a wedding to bless the couple

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Rose Petals




Ayurveda Rose Petals

These rose petals are 100% ecological and natural.

They are the beautiful, whole dried leaf nothing is chopped.

However the bitter tip has been removed, leaving your with a sweet tasting whole leaf.

Contains pure leaves only, no pollen stems or flower buds, no green parts.

The perfect, pure and sweet tasting product for your food preparation and decoration.

Additional information

Weight .100 kg

Size 1 – 250 cc – 10 gr., Size 2 – 500 cc – 20 gr.