Services for Wellness Retreats


Choose from three Ayurveda Consulting Packages:

Bronze – Silver – Gold

Receive a consultation to help you include aspects of Ayurveda into your retreat experience.

Thenutritionhealer will provide content such as a lecture, a course or workshop on the day/s of your retreat and offer personal consultations to participants.

You want to outsource the implementation of your entire Wellness offering to Thenutritionhealer team and focus on what you do best.


About Thenutritionhealer:

Sonja has studied Ayurveda in India and in the UK and has received a postgraduate degree from a British university. She has run two Ayurveda clinics in London and now works in the Costa del Sol, advising and collaborating with yoga retreats and wellness holiday providers.

Choose from a single consultation hour to the full implementation of your whole project: 

Are you a holiday provider and looking to set up your retreat experience to include Ayurveda?

I can advise you on all you would need to know to make your retreat into an Ayurveda experience. This could be for topics ranging from food choices to learning activities and treatment selections. You can work with me on an advice only basis or I can implement these elements during the retreat.

I will provide you with the contacts you might need, such as for therapists and chefs, so you can work with them and set up the retreat. And I will also provide marketing support to help you publicise the event in Spain and abroad.

  • Advice
  • Contacts
  • Marketing

Silver Package: Lectures, Courses & Workshops: 

As the resident Ayurvedic consultant, speaker and trainer on the Costa del Sol, I will customise lectures, courses and workshops specifically to your retreat.

Here is a selection of presentations and workshops:

  • ‘At Home’ Detox with Ayurveda
  • The Health Benefits of Christmas Spices
  • 7 Steps to Better Sleep
  • Managing Menopause
  • Ayurveda Food Habits
  • What does your Body Type say about you?
  • Very easy Ayurveda Food Hacks
  • Breathing & Prana
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Others please inquire …


  • Lecture or Workshop
  • Offer of additional personal consultation: Body Type Analysis or Full Ayurveda Consultation
  • Marketing Support

Gold Package: Implementation of Ayurveda Package

Perhaps you prefer me to handle the Ayurveda aspect of you wellness retreat? Maybe you have no time to set up and run the Ayurveda part? Then I will arrange the organisation of the Ayurvedic Wellness Component for you and implement the Ayurveda part of your retreat experience on the day/s.

I will work with my team to provide you with a fully worked out plan, including implementation on the day/s at your venue on the Costa del Sol. I will provide and manage the team during the retreat, so you are free to focus on what you do best. And again, I will provide you with marketing support.

  • Ayurveda plan and costings
  • Implementation
  • Marketing support


  • Price per consulting hour € 80 includes IVA (excludes travel)
  • Half day price € 250
  • Full Day Price € 450
  • + €0.30 per km travel

Contact me for a free quotation and initial chat on : 0034 685765522