Online Learning

Originally, my online programmes were designed for my clients seeing me in person at my ayurvedic clinic. I realised that lifestyle change needed a bit more explanation, as it assists greatly with the healing process. Because so many people found a benefit, that I am making these natural lifestyle healing tips available online, to share with you too!


7 Steps to better Sleep

“7 steps to better sleep” is my online self-help training programme particularily designed for you. Seven simple step, one each week , are delivered to you at home. I will teach you all you need to know about natural lifstyle choices for better sleep according to the ayurveda philosophy.

This course has the power to replace self-medication with natural lifestyle choices to improve your nights and heal your day. It will help you sleep and at the same time build resilience to stress!

This course includes a test to determine your body-type so you can understand your well-being requirements better.  You will learn to detect fluctuations in your body bio-energy distribution and will know lifestyle choices, which will help to normalise these body bio-energies so you can sleep like a baby again.



Online Yoga

My “online yoga” course, specifically works to help you sleep better.It balances the nervous system through working with the body bio-energies, so you can get better sleep. Don’t worry, it is suitable for people who can’t do yoga. This online yoga course is brought to you at home to increase your well-being, and specifically to improve sleep. You can enjoy all the benefits of yoga, even if you can’t do yoga. You will receive a new video every week, containing CAN DO yoga classes, breathing exercises and meditation.