Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea

👉 cardio protective, reduced blood pressure

👉 blood sugar regulating, lowers blood sugar

👉 anti-inflammatory, treats arthritis

👉 antibiotic agents

👉 vitamin C, reduces risk of cancer

What does it taste like? 🤔

Olive Leaf Tea is very pleasant mild taste, not at all bitter like Olives.

👉 Olive Tea has become a trendy substitute for Green Tea, and has 4x more vitamin C than Green Tea

👉 It has loads of antioxidants, anti-aging properties and protects the immune systems .

How do I make it?

You make it just like normal tea, pour hot water over it. Use a small tea spoon of dried olive leaf tea per cup of water. Then leave to steep for 10 min. which is a bit longer than other teas. The olive leaf needs a bit of time to release its goodness but then you are ready to drink it!

How is it grown?

All my products are naturally grown without the use of artificial anything.

Olive Leaf Tea




Naturally grown Olive Leaf Tea.