Summer 2022

(Some micro-greens are seasonal, so make sure you got the latest list of available products)

We love to combine our two passions, Ayurveda (health for people) and Permaculture (health for the enviornment).

Ayurveda explains potential of plants for our health and Permaculture explains how to grow plants containing this potential.

Why our farm products are special:

– We grow organically in food grade trays.

It is industry standard to grow in PVC trays. There are no legal requirements what containers to use for food plants. Our values and ethics are pushing us to do better and we have chosen to invest in food grade growing trays. All of our growing trays are food grade growing trays. We do not use PVC growing trays.

– We use bio-degradable packaging

We source our packaging from ecological sources and have chosenĀ  100% biodegradable, compostable packaging made from maiz.

– We harvest on the day of delivery

We are run a small operation and harvest on the day of delivery. This ensures you receive a very freshly cut product which lasts longer than the what you are used to from the supermarket or the distributor.

– We love nature and growing resilient plants

We love everything natural and want our plants to have a natural life. We respect the five elements of nature as per Ayurveda: space, wind, fire, water and earth. Since ensure the plants contain a maximum amount of resilience and nutrients which you can taste.

– We deliver direct from the farm

We deliver to your direct, cutting out the middle man, the shop or the distributor. This insures you receive a superb quality product with morning freshness from the farm.

– We grow for you

We are small enough to love our clients. We can grow customized products and can fulfill request for you so that you can stand out in the crowd with you unique blend of microgreens.


Please note the free delivery radius is currently between Malaga and Marbella and a bit Inland (Alhaurin/Coin)

MONDAY – Malaga & Alora

TUESDAY – Marbella & Costa

THURSDAY – Malaga & Alhaurin