Our Packaging is ecological and fully compostable, made from Maiz.

Add the X-factor to your food presentation!

Microgreens take your food presentation to the next level and make your dishes stand out. Impress your guest with the colour presentation and the great taste.

Empower your health with microgreens!

Microgreens are extremely nutritious and contain a large amount of phytoceuticals. For example, the broccoli microgreens contains over 400 healthy components.

A quote by the physician Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” has stood the test of time.


Why our farm products are special:

We love to combine our two passions, Ayurveda (health for people) and Permaculture (health for the enviornment).

Ayurveda explains how to use the potential of plants for our health and healing benefit. Permaculture explains how to grow plants containing this potential.

– We grow organically in food grade trays.

It is industry standard to grow in PVC trays. There are no legal requirements what containers to use for food plants. Our values and ethics are pushing us to do better and we have chosen to invest in food grade growing trays. All of our growing trays are food grade growing trays. We do not use PVC growing trays.

– We use bio-degradable packaging

We source our packaging from ecological sources and have chosen  100% biodegradable, compostable packaging made from maiz.

– We harvest on the day of delivery

We are run a small operation and harvest on the day of delivery. This ensures you receive a very freshly cut product which lasts longer than the what you are used to.

– We love nature and growing resilient plants

We love everything natural and want our plants to have a natural life. We respect the five elements of nature as per Ayurveda: space, wind, fire, water and earth. Since ensure the plants contain a maximum amount of resilience and nutrients.

– We grow to order and delivery weekly

We grow for you fresh to order and delivery to you every week for free, if you are on our delivery route. If you are not, we can still delivery to you but may have to charge a delivery fee.


Please note the free delivery radius is currently between Malaga and Marbella and a bit Inland (Alhaurin/Coin)

Delivery Wednesday – Malaga/Marbella

Delivery Friday – Inland Coin/Alhaurin