It’s been an inspirational month, May and somehow the theme of heart, gratitude and roses emerged through my friends.

To set the scene, I was having an on-going discussion with my soul sister about gratitude and heart openings.  Her journey has been remarkable and she literally turned her life around over night over night with an emergency heart opening. I am still amazed by that.

Whilst another soul sister asked me about food resilience and how she could use roses in her life as she has ancient roses growing in the garden. Would they be useful for anything? I think she is fast becoming an expert in growing food in small spaces, her small cottage garden is producing amazing food. She took this picture of the rose above.

And then one of my friends struggles deeply with living from the heart and live is very tough for her. She doesn’t enjoy her ‘sensible job’ but is too scared to trust her heart and has no experience or reference point of living from a soul level. Somehow she rejects it all as hippy stuff. I remember how I was many years ago but I did take a number of brave step at the time. 

I just had to dedicate the month of June, to all the brave soul sisters, who are living from the heart, those who still have to make the brave jump, and to our symbol the roses and to stories of the heart! It has just been presented to me by the universe and how can ignore that? It feels natural thing to do.