Larder Ingredients:


Split Mung Dhal, either peeled  (yellow) or unpeeled (green)



Optional Add ons:

Any vegetables you have, including chopped onions. You can make it vegan and use oil or vegetarian and use ghee (clarified butter). Adding a dash of butter makes it a little bit more indulgent, rich and creamy.

Spices as you wish, such as Salt/Pepper, Cumin/Coriander, Turmeric (go easy on this), green chilly, hing, etc.

Herbs such as curry leaves, or methi leaves

Lemon wedges



Soak the rice and mung dhal for an hour or more for more fluffiness (but can skip this step too)

Boil rice and mung dhal together and add optional veg and spices



This is a perfect, healthy and fast mid week dish. The plain version can be made from larder ingredients only.

The soupy version is good for vata and consistency should be like a creamy runny risotto.

The non soupy version is a type of Indian Paella, so you could place the pan in the middle of the table where everyone can help themselves.

You can use up all left over vegetables

The dish allows you to vary the vegetables for your body type.

For the vata body type, make the dish a bit soupier and liquid, for pitta it can be quite chunky.

Mung Beans are easy to digest and perfect for all three body types.



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