A combination of Intuitive Art and Kundalini Yoga, is an extremely effective combination in accessing the subconscious mind-body. Most people go through life without being able to use the subconscious information stored in the mind-body anatomy. Art Yoga is a simple, replicatable and playful tool to help access this information and use it to accelerate your personal growth via quantum leaps.

Why Intuitive Art?

Intuitive art invites us to explore colours whilst letting go of trying to control the paint. So, the image will emerge almost as though it has painted itself, guided by an energy that by-passes the conscious mind, appearing almost random and subject to gravity.  In energy terms, this yin process stands in stark contrast to how we live life on a daily basis in a yang competitive world. This process is a wonderful addition to any left-brain dominance and balances left and right, ying and yang, the conscious and the unconscious.

Why Kundalini Yoga?

The original mother of all yoga, Kundalini Yoga facilitates meditative (unconscious) and personal (conscious) development. The process allows us to notice points of resistance and develop greater self–awareness, highlighting how we do something is how we do everything. This insight enables us, if we so choose, to gently challenge our beliefs, creating a shift so that we can let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. We practice Kundalini Yoga techniques first to create a state of calm, openness and peace, which helps us create the intuitive art from a more effective perspective.

Why unconscious?

We store a lot of information in our unconscious mind and body. Not only do we tend to bury emotion in the subconscious which we haven’t processed yet, we also hold a huge vault of information about our lives, which we are not accessing on a daily basis. Making this information available will provide a massive shift in personal growth. The process involves a simple energetic, spiritual enquiry that can be answered by our personal inner wisdom and own higher self.

Ayurveda Healer & Yoga Teacher Sonja Breuer brings this brand new discipline, Art-Yoga work to you. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. People have said this process is lovely and so accurate, it is almost like an addictive must have in everybody’s life.

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