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During the seasons our bodies are exposed to different environments. These environments change what is going on inside our bodies. We are interacting with the environment like fishes in water. What happens on the outside also happens on the inside.

When humidity and moisture increase on the outside, we also feel it in our bones; we feel we get a bit more sluggish. One person said to me he feels as if his blood gets thicker in the winter and he gets a vivid sensation of that when he goes on holiday in the winter to a warmer climate. He finds it difficult to get started up again in spring. It takes him some time to adjust and come out of ‘winter mode’.

And this is an astute observation; it takes us on average two weeks to adjust from one season to another, provided the seasons are neatly following one another.

In autumn, when it gets darker earlier and the weather becomes rougher and windier, the heat leaves our body faster and in the run-up to Christmas we tend to become light-headed, our sleep is not as great and stress levels go up for most of us. Many of us suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) at this time.

But did you know that how your body reacts to the seasons is determined by your own body bio-energy distribution? If you have a lot of counter-energy as a result of the way you are built, then that can change the experience. There are actually some people who have no problem with autumn and do not suffer SAD during this time, instead they find spring a difficult time to get going again.

There are some people who are unable to suffer the heat of the sun because they themselves already possess a lot of sun energy and have a well-heated body. More heat and they start to suffer during the summer.

Ayurveda explains what body type you are and my course ‘7 Steps to Better Sleep’ will diagnose your body bio-energy which is out of balance, causing insomnia or bad sleep. But you can also infer from your reaction to the season what body bio-energy make-up you have.

What is true for all body types is that the change of season is a difficult time because the body is adjusting to the new environment. If you are not helping and put stress on the body during this time, you may fall ill. Your immune system is a little bit under pressure during the changeover.

The reason this comes about is that during the first half of the year the sun influence is increasing and during the last part of the year it is decreasing. The sun energy in our bodies is called the pitta energy; it is the energy of heat. In a general sense, too much of this in our bodies can cause inflammation, rashes and infections and too little can lower the immune system and cause sluggishness.

After the summer the pitta energy goes down and vata energy comes up. This is reflected by the increase in windy weather and there is a bit of interplay with pitta not receding and vata trying to come up to overpower pitta and bring in the change. We have an ‘Indian Summer’, which is a small amount of pitta energy reappearing before it finally goes down.

Another changeover time which can result in a lower immune system is the changeover to winter at around Christmas-time and again the changeover to spring in the New Year. Knowing how to live during the changeover times and how to adjust to the seasons with food and lifestyle can help you stay healthy. These adjustments in food and lifestyle counterbalance on the inside what your body is exposed to on the outside. You are creating an internal climate so that the outside climate cannot do you any harm, and you are strengthening the immune system at the same time.

Step 7 in my course ‘7 Steps to Better Sleep’ will explain about these body bio-energies and what you can do to stay healthy during the change of season. You will also learn what body bio-energies are and what affects them positively and negatively. A negative influence will cause well-being issues such as bad sleep.

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