If you understand that your health and well-being is impacted by every other part of your life, then you are on the path to achieving resilience and preventing disease.

Fact; Improve your life and your health and well-being will improve too.

Did you know that many modern illnesses are  “lifestyle-related diseases”? We are suffering from these “lifestyle-related diseases” in epic proportions. We all know, that if you want to make changes to your well-being, the very best way to start is with a healing diet and lifestyle. I can help you begin your lifestyle changing journey.

The start of your lifestyle changing journey is to remove the underlying problem or the root cause. This takes into consideration the following elements that make up your life and your routines, such as: social contribution, work and soul purpose, quality of relationship, self care and play and as well as many other contributory factors.

When all of these things are working in harmony, your life will feel more balanced and as a result so will your health and well-being. Sometimes dealing with the underlying causes can deal with the problem on the surface and your health and well-being will feel the benefit.

The wheel of life, showing all the threads that impact together to create health and well-being. The definition of health in ayurveda encompasses all of these elements included in the wheel of life.

The Benefits of Setting Health Goals:

There is an old saying; “when you do what you’ve always done you will get what you always got!”

This saying is true for many things and even applies to your diet and lifestyle.

If you are ready to begin your lifestyle changing journey and have taken positive steps to make vital improvements to your diet, habits and behaviour, then I am happy to help you. I can take you on a journey through traditional, integrative and holistic medicine called Ayurveda.  I will also mentor and support you in your life-style changes with my mentoring and coaching approach.  We can transform your diet and life-style and improve your health and well-being for good.

My ayurvedic intervention consists of an initial discussion to assess your needs. We can then move on to full consultation where we identify your ayurvedic mind-body type and how best to co-create a solution and a pathway forward where I will guide and support you every step of the way.

Those who set health goals will be more successful than those who don’t set goals.