If you have been feeling unwell AND want to make a change in your life, then the ‘happy in 40 days’ programme is the right choice for you! 

It is your personal coaching programme to accompany your journey to wellness with Ayurveda.


Mirroring the pancha karma method, we will be working with these three corner stones:

😀 Increase your digestive power, the engine of health

😀 Gently remove accumulated toxins, cleanse and clean

😀 Tonification and energising phase, adding resilience

😀 Addressing Mind -Body well-being at the same time

Maintain Well-being

💡 You can choose to do the happy in 40-day program as a preventative health boost. This is best done as an annual clean and cleanse after the winter, as it will promote good health and balance. In fact, it is recommended that you detox for a period of 40 days once a year for optimal health and wellness maintenance. This detoxification programme is personally tailored to you.

Create Well-being

💡 You can choose to do the happy in 40-day program to address your well-being issue holistically, either alongside conventional treatment or as a first choice. Addressing well-being issues holistically is not as quick and easy as taking a pill. We are aiming to kick start, a healing process for mind, body and soul by working co-creatively. This ayurveda treatment plan is personally tailored to.

How to get started:

The happy in 40 days programme will be offered to by you personal invitation, if relevant, after your initial Ayurvedic Consultation, where we will ascertain your needs specifically. You can also choose to prepare for your happy in 40 days program with online courses and/or life coaching sessions to practice the habits before you implement them throughout the programme.