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Are you digging me, sista? #girls4trees

It used to be said that girls have babies and men plant trees or build bridges. Oh, bugger that … and then the digital world came along. Now the future belongs to the ladies (to clean up).

What we have so far is not very impressive!

We have inner cities which don’t produce food. The food is driven into cities by big trucks and sometimes even flown in from other countries to the biggest national airport (quite a lot of petrol is pumped into the air this way).

So, if you fancy fruit, then you need to go to the supermarket where you get your apples in a plastic bag. The plastic bag goes in the bin and this is chucked into the sea. The thinking is “out of sight, out of mind”.

Isn’t that clever? Not! But here is why things went wrong: Nobody asked Mum! Mum already knew that the bags will float around and get eaten by the fish. Anyhow, she wasn’t asked and that is that.

Now the fish eat plastic and get wrapped in more plastic, so you can buy it from the supermarket or not. Plastic goes back in the bin … sometimes Mr Fishy is still in it too if nobody bought him.

But hey … check out YouTube. It’s the ladies who make videos about how transition to a zero waste lifestyle. Girls are the leaders in sharing tips, how to shop and how to escape the mainstream world of plastics.

Dunno about you, but I think when it comes to cleaning up we have years of genetically imprinted experience and frankly the boys need to move over – they are not good at it. Fine mess we are in, but they need to watch and learn ASAP if they are worth their sea salt!

So, ladies, if you feel me, get your pink shovel and plant a fruit tree as a sign of standing up to waste!

Why a fruit tree? The fruit tree is a symbol of zero waste – it provides FOOD WITH ZERO PLASTIC!

Here is how to plant a fruit tree:

Go online and buy a fruit tree; they come in various sizes for any budget. Then go and dig a hole and put the fruit tree in it. At first you need to water it, but when the tree is a bit older it can look after itself. If you don’t have a garden you can persuade a neighbour to have a fruit tree or if you are one proud “nasty woman” J you can resort to GUERRILLA gardening. Simply find a safe space and put your tree there and keep quiet about it.