Print this diary 7 times and trace your food and lifestyle for one week. It is amazing to learn what our automatic habits are. When you look back you have a real snapshot of what your food and lifestyle is actually like.

A food diary (1 week min) is also important if you want to come for an ayurvedic consultation. We will analyze your current food and lifestyle habits to check whether can create health and improve your immunity.

How to use your food diary:

– use the left side for meal planning and notes

– use the bottom left box in our meal planner to track your mood, digestion and full moon phase

– use the right side for your actual food diary

– use the 3 columns for morning food (breakfast). day time (main meal) and evening snack

– use the top part of your food diary to enter the ‘good’ food choices and put the ‘bad’ food choices at the bottom. Decide as per your knowledge at the time. When we add your body bio energy to the equation, the way you evaluate your food choices may also change.

Order your food diary page in PDF – free-  by contacting me via email and put FOOD DIARY in the description box. Email

At the moment the food diary cannot be downloaded from the website.