“I want to change my life and live better”

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I wish I did have somebody to speak to when I started my journey. Somebody who had already done it and could help me.

So know I am an integrative health consultant (ayurveda), yoga teacher, permaculture farmer and B&B owner in Spain. But if you had told me this 10 years ago, I would have not believed you that this is possible. I was so far away from this ever! And, so I had to do it the hard way on my own – there was nobody who could help.

Let me help you on your journey and show you all the dreams that you can possible have, will and can come true and at the same time, live holistically from the start.


I will help you, if you are a person who:

is inspired by the Ayurveda Life

wants change your life to feel better every day

is on a physical, spiritual or ecological journey

is passionate about natural methods and holistic ways





… just get started on your dream journey today, you only have one life, live it well.

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Ayurveda Life Coaching: I want to live my best life!




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