“I want to change my life”

is a cry that I hear most frequently. If you feel like this too, then you are not alone, in fact join the club of many others. Maybe it was your doctor, or your body’s inner voice, or the twist an turns of life, that told you its time to make a change and start feeling great.

“We are more energy than physical matter and if we were to condense all of whole humanity’s atoms, they would still only fill a sugar cube”.

Or in other words, there is no physical reality without an energetic reality. And this is also true for health and wellbeing. Ayurveda is a traditional medicine, which works with energetic principles too. And these energetic principles can be brought back to vibrancy with the right mix of natural food choices and natural lifestyle practices.

Matter follows energy and energy follows thought.

People who work with me want to re-design their lifestyle with Ayurvedic principles to create an energy shift, thereby connecting to deeper spiritual truths and aligning body with mind.

Be inspired by the Ayurveda Life, if you:

  • want change your life so you can feel better every day

  • are on a physical, spiritual or ecological journey

  • are passionate about natural methods and holistic ways

Our natural state is that of joy, health and wellbeing but sometimes we deviate from this natural state. Let me guide you with Ayurveda how to return home to your state of health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about natural methods and help people solve for natural problems with natural methods.

We will start with an Ayurveda Consultation, which is an analysis of your health and wellbeing as of now.

If you keep doing what you have always been doing, then you will keep getting what you have always been getting.

You will receive knowledge and suggestions of lifestyle change, which suit your body type and are designed to make you feel better. I will also be able to recommend herbs and natural supplements to support your return to balance.


Follow Up-Coaching




Ongoing ayurvedic support for your lifestyle.


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