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What to expect from an Ayurvedic Wellness Check-up?

If you are a proactive and health-conscious person, wanting to know more about natural ways to improve well-being and prevent disease, as well as look and feel your best, then Ayurveda will work very well for you.

The first consultation is a proper wellness check from an Ayurvedic perspective; we will be looking at all the things your GP doesn’t. Here is what you can expect from your very first consultation:

You will spend about an hour with your Ayurvedic consultant, who has studied Ayurvedic Medicine for about seven years and would have completed practical time in Ayurvedic hospitals, which exist all over India.

There are tests, which will be conducted partly by physical examination and partly by asking you a bunch of questions. It is not necessary to come prepared, but it would be a great start if you could keep a food and activity diary for at least a week prior to the consultation; it will jog your memory and help you answer the questions about your lifestyle choices, habits and routines.

1. There is the constitution test, which is an assessment of your body bio-energies. What you need to know is that everyone is a unique combination of the five elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. This informs the type of foods and lifestyle with which you will flourish.

2. Then the consultant will check for your digestive power and the level of toxins in your body. Toxins will make you feel sluggish and tired and are not desirable for well-being or long-term health. They also make you age a bit faster, so you definitely want to keep these in check.

3. Physical examination will include looking at your tongue, which you will need to stick out, and the consultant will want to see your nails. S/he will touch your hand to look at the nails, which can also reveal a bit about your temperature and your skin type. You will not need to jump on a couch and you will be able to keep all your clothes on.

4. Then the consultant will want to check whether you have any existing imbalances. Your pulse will be checked for an existing body bio-energy imbalance. This requires your stomach to be empty and for you not to have eaten for the last four hours or drunk any liquids for one hour. So, the best time to have an Ayurvedic check-up is in the morning.

5. The consultant will want to cross-check your current diet and lifestyle with the best possible Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean your current healthy diet and lifestyle is wrong, it just means it can be tweaked to benefit your body bio-energy type, so that you can reap all the benefits it brings.

In my own practice, I always book a follow-up coaching appointment to discuss your personal Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan with you in great detail after the first wellness check-up. We can spend another hour doing this and you will be truly supported. I feel this is a wonderful discussion to set you on your way to greater levels of well-being and to help you harness your inherent strength. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and we can discuss what will be easy and practical for you to implement and what you would rather leave for a later date.

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