Loaded with green superpowers and very versatile:

– use in your cosmetics and natural oils as skin care

– diffuse for natural room freshness and against airborne pathogens (bacteria & viruses)

– add to natural cleaning products (such as white wine vinegar)

– in culinary cooking* to create flavoursome dishes (find ideas >>here<< )

– for health support and in your first aid medicine cabinet

– make them part of your health maintenance routine

* Please seek advice before using essential oils internally. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Avoid handling essential oils during pregnancy. If in doubt, seek advice from a health care professional.

My oils are not yet organically certified but we are working on it. We choose local suppliers in Spain whenever possible, so that produce is grown, distilled and bottled in Spain. However, some plants don’t grow in Spain. The reason we don’t grow the products ourselves is that in order to to make essential oils, we would need to grow vast amounts of herbal plants, more than we can.