How to use Essential Oil in Food?

Use a small drop as you can easily overdose and overpower your dish. Think of it like vanilla essence or almond essence in baking. Less is more when it comes to essential oils to flavour your dishes. It is best when you drop the oil on a clean spoon; so that you can catch excess if too much comes out. Or you can take a clean toothpick and dip it into the oil for particularly strong oils such as clove and just swirl the toothpick in your dish.

Ideas to use in food:

  • use in salad sauce: such as any of the herbal ones or lemon and orange

  • use in smoothies: such as lemon, mint, ginger and fennel

  • use in bakes and cakes: such as cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cloves

  • use in ice-creams: such as lavender, lemon and orange

  • use in dishes requiring fresh herbs: use such as sage, thyme, rosemary

  • use in herbal teas: such as lavender, fennel

  • use in breakfast porridge: such as cinnamon

  • use in water: to naturally flavour your drinks such as lavender lemonade

  • use in chocolate: such as cinnamon, mint or orange

  • use in mocktail drinks: without alcohol such as fennel for pernot, and mint or grapefruit for mohitos

If you are interested in more detailed recipes, why not invest into an essential oil cook book. There are many delicious recipes available for you to try.

Please note that not all essential oils are indigestible. Some are better suited for external use in cosmetics or air freshening. Use the food flavours you are familiar with in the kitchen. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and you will only need minimal amounts. Store in a save, dry and dark place.