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What to eat when a truck has run you over!

(some food ideas for a crappy day)

We all know eating healthily is important for our mental and physical well-being. And sometimes our bodies require some specific nutrients to help us be more active and healthy. But in addition to the need for nutrients there is also a need to have the right body bio-energy environment to feel great. The truth is, health is an interplay of food and lifestyle which keeps us performing at an optimum level.

Lifestyle can mean the soothing yoga before bedtime and the nutrient-rich smoothie for breakfast, but it can also mean very simple things, such as wrapping up warm when it is windy and cold outside. The simple action of taking extra care when exposed to the weather is already part of a lifestyle choice which makes a difference. What we are looking to achieve is an environment where immunity can thrive and therefore protect us from unexpected pathogens. If our immune system is constantly busy with our everyday life, then there is no spare capacity left for an unexpected event, such as an onslaught of viruses in the environment.

Yoga is also important as it contains stretches, which keep the body supple so that fluids and energy can flow, and blockages and stagnation are removed. Blockages cause weak points where energy, toxins and nutrients can stagnate and create “problem zones” similar to previous injuries which can re-present as a “niggle”. Living in a stiff body is more debilitating and not so much fun as living in a supple body.

Whether your mind-body feels dry and brittle, stiff or supple, sluggish or moist, or hot and irritable has to do with the body bio-energy environment. Yes, nutrients are important but this concept goes beyond nutrients alone. Yes, it is also true that diet plays an important part in correcting the body-environment. But it is an holistic concept, which means that you have many options to deal with this and there is not only ONE solution which you ‘must’ do in order to change from A to B.

For example, brain-health food is typically understood to be oily fish. But did you know that MANY healthy oils will benefit the nervous system and help change a dry and brittle, fragmented and stressed nervous system and achieve a soothing and calming balance? It’s a combination of doing many things right that will help change the body-environment back to balance.

So food and lifestyle have to go together and what is right for one person is not right or detrimental to another, depending on the body bio-energy environment.

As a general concept, if you are feeling a bit achy, dry and brittle, when your mind is stressed and unfocused and you generally FEEL LIKE A TRUCK HAS RUN OVER YOU, the diet that you would benefit from the most is a vata-pacifying diet. In other words: as soothing as possible.

This means a moist and warm, or in other words, a sweet-mush diet. And to help you back on your feet, it can have a mini-kick to it by adding sour and salty, perhaps with a little spicy taste. This helps the digestive system to get back up to speed and will be responsible for putting you back in action again.

And remember to say NO when offered chunky, dry and bitter foods at this precarious time. Instead, you will need soft, oily and sweet foods to reduce the vata-aggravation of mind-body to feel better quick!

Examples of a vata-pacifying diet are:

Porridge with honey and cinnamon

Sweet potato mash with salt and herbs

Guacamole with salt and lemon

Root Soups, which are warm and liquid

Winter stews, e.g. with chestnuts and walnuts

Pancakes with sweet fruit and dates

Rice Puddings

Healthy version of wholemeal grains, such as pasta

Coconut milk stews with vegetables and ginger

Almond sweets baked with almond oil

Leek pie

Mung-bean stew or soup

For more information on how to balance your body-environment and to see my “7 steps to better sleep”, visit: Ayurvedic Health Coach, The Nutrition Healer

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