Daily yoga at 7.30 AM European time and 6.30 AM UK time 🧘‍♀️☀️ 45 min.

Pay €38 take part in as many classes as you want per calendar month. Choose from five classes per week.

Great for the body.

  • Help refresh the brain and lungs through breathing exercises
  • Energises, tones muscles and increases your flexibility
  • All shapes and sizes and levels welcome, you don’t have to be slim, young or rich!
  • If you are feeling inflexible or are new yoga then that is a perfect start
  • Builds stamina, strength and body awareness
  • The best time to start is now

Oasis for peace of mind.

  • Starts the day and starts the day well, set yourself up for success
  • Calibrates your mood and leaves you feeling peaceful
  • Gives a taste/anchor of when your body and mind feel good as a reference point
  • Gain a Soothing body memory to assist with future relaxation
  • Gives you insight into the workings of your mind

Soothing for the soul.

  • From the comfort of your own home, this saves travel cost and time, you can stay in bed longer
  • We are on zoom and daily  5-10 people and the group is mainly watching me
  • The level is adjustable to your own ability, if you want more out of it, you can practice the dynamic yoga faster
  • You can go at your own pace and improve your strength and flexibility organically

Every month we will change the yoga routine (called kriya).

So you will be able to get perfect the yoga poses in one month and get really good at them. But at the same time we change it up every month for variety and season. It’s amazing how you can explore what simple changes to a yoga post can do and how your body reacts. And once you have done two or three sessions of the new month, you will know what to expect and will yoga like a pro.

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Monthly Membership (unlimited per calendar month)




Join our Awesome Yoga Family and take part in as many classes as you like per calendar month.


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