Healing is a co-creative process, and many things have to come together to create a transformational change in the body. It is like a butterfly having to through a metamorphosis.

Ayurveda Consulting

First Consultation

The initial consultation is important, this includes the Ayurveda diagnosis. This consultation can last up to one hour in in some cases even a bit longer too. You will be asked a lot of questions about your lifestyle, your digestion and your health history. There will also be physical tests such as 3-finger ayurvedic pulse examination, tongue examination, nails and eyes.

What to bring:

  • For the first consultation you need to arrive on an empty stomach this means 4 hours no food and 1 hour no drink. The reason for this is that food and drink changes the body bio energy temporarily.
  • If you can keep a food diary one week prior to the consultation and bring it with you then this will help a lot with memory jogging questions about your recent diet. 

Life-Style Plan

Based on the results, you will receive your lifestyle plan. This includes the foods, herbs, cooking style, eating times which are good for you based on your body type and your examination. And of course those which are not ideal for your body type are excluded. When you stick to your diet & lifestyle plan overall, you will feel the result because your body bio energies will settle down.

  • foods working with your body bio energies
  • foods to avoid which interfere with your body bio energies
  • herbs which can help you feel balanced
  • food habits: cooking style, eating times, etc.
  • lifestyle choices best suited to your body type


The plan will be emailed to you. To discuss this plan, we will book a telephone or skype conversation. Now is the perfect time for you to ask more questions that you may have thought about after you have now had the consultation. We will talk about your ideas and discuss what you would want to implement.

Ayurvedic Consultation