Kundalini Yoga

About Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Energy. Apart from our physical body and our physical anatomy, we are comprised of energetic anatomy too. Kundalini Yoga uses the activation of the energetic anatomy to help with clearing old emotions, help with meditation and build strength, resilience and...
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Sleep yoga

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Because you can’t pay anybody to take on your illnesses and dis-eases and money can’t buy better sleep, a natural lifestyle is the one thing that matters the most! Yoga is a natural and holistic way to achieve better sleep. The benefits are plenty: No dependency on drugs and...
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Personal De-Growth

Planned Personal De-Growth Our economic model is based on growth and that has been serving us very well. Well … apart from a few big problems, call them undesirable side effects – undesirable yet lethal. These few, yet lethal, side effects are busy working to destroy the metaphorical branch...
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Art Yoga

A combination of Intuitive Art and Kundalini Yoga, is an extremely effective combination in accessing the subconscious mind-body. Most people go through life without being able to use the subconscious information stored in the mind-body anatomy. Art Yoga is a simple, replicatable and playful tool to help access this information...
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Meditation Technique

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This meditation technique can be practised everywhere. The more you practise the better you will get and the easier you will find it. You will only need one ingredient to make this meditation work, a spare 10 minutes. If you are waiting in the car picking up your kids,...
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Case Study: Sciatica

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” This is the only yoga that I know of, which is this powerful” The problem: My client had debilitating pain radiating down the sciatic nerve on the left leg. She was working as a self-employed accountant having to sit a lot, so this problem seriously impaired her ability...
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