Case Study: Freelancers

Knowledge Presentation The problem: Entrepreneurs are the first to realise that they often suffer from a lack of productivity due to impaired wellness, and those who work freelance don’t benefit from corporate HR and wellness policies, such as ergonomic seating and other such wellbeing solutions. If you combine wellness...
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Case Study Euromonitor

Lunch & Learn The problem: The team was looking for an engaging and stimulating lunch time presentation to break up the weekly routine, which was very focused but lacked variation. The approach: A lunch-and-learn session began with the participants engaging socially with stimulating music whilst having their lunch together...
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Case Study: Virgin Gym

Stress Awareness Presentation The problem: A gym wanted to add value for its clientele, as well as differentiating itself from the competition by keeping its members engaged. As such, they promoted holistic living during an annual, week long event and booked speakers who would present interesting and inspiring material...
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