Case Study: Bell’s Palsy

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The problem: The client had undergone a period of intense stress with six coinciding lifestyle-related stress factors causing pressure on the mind-body anatomy. This reduced immunity caused constipation, and reduced digestive capacity. The client subsequently developed Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This is due to the activation of a dormant varicella...
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Case Study: Sciatica

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” This is the only yoga that I know of, which is this powerful” The problem: My client had debilitating pain radiating down the sciatic nerve on the left leg. She was working as a self-employed accountant having to sit a lot, so this problem seriously impaired her ability...
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Case Study: Lifestyle

“I would highly recommend a one-to-one consultation with Sonja.  She is a good listener and provides excellent advice for making those first small steps towards a more balanced lifestyle.  Sonja doesn’t advocate impossible diets or exercise regimes, instead she looks at your current routine and suggests ways of integrating new...
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Case Study: Neck Pain

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“I feel very different.  This result makes me believe there is a cure out there, where I was starting to believe that there is nobody out there to help me. Before Ayurveda Pinda Sveda Treatment, I went to 3 physio-therapists, received 20-30 treatments, but this didn’t make any difference....
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“Returning from holiday, I noticed how little dairy I consumed whilst away. Our diet tends to be heavily dairy centred & wondered if I could find an alternative to this. I turned to Sonja for help and she introduced me to tasty dairy free alternatives and new...
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Case Study: Stress

“Sonja has helped me cope with a difficult time in my life which was riddled with court appearances and expenses. My lifestyle was all over the place as I need peace and calm to fully express myself as who I am. We worked to restore peace and calm and...
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