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” This is the only yoga that I know of, which is this powerful”

The problem:

My client had debilitating pain radiating down the sciatic nerve on the left leg. She was working as a self-employed accountant having to sit a lot, so this problem seriously impaired her ability to work. There has been a family history of debilitating sciatic nerve problems too. As a single mum, she had a young daughter at university, who she was supporting. My client has excelled at taking care of her duties, both as a mother, family woman and entrepreneur, which is an outstanding achievement. However, she has not always paid the same amount of attention to her own well-being and personal needs.

The approach:

My client started to attend our weekly Kundalini Yoga classes. This yoga is suitable for many different people, conditions and ages because everybody works at their own pace (similar to the montessori principle). She was determined to embark on a holistic healing journey rather than entering the mainstream medical system. She lacked mobility and was in pain, but brought an ice pack to the class to help with the pain. She adjusted her tempo and movements to her personal ability. The yoga also inspired her to look further within and focus on her own well-being and personal needs for the first time in her life. After some time attending the yoga classes regularly, she began to ‘forget’ her ice pack and as time went on, eventually managed to yoga away without it.

The solution:

Today, my client is free of the debilitating radiating sciatic nerve leg pain and has gained a new youthful curiosity about life. She is looking for many new ways to express her creativity with arts, traveling and is even taking up kundalini yoga teacher training. She has become one of the star students is going to become a wonderful teacher!