“Ayurveda diet & lifestyle change has helped me and in the process, my husband too. Ayurveda definitely works and makes a difference.”

Ali Meehan – Founder of Costa Women

The Problem:

I have had arthritis for many years.  It started in my spine and now is in both knees.  I am a very active person and love walking.  I have done pilates for many years but as I get older (I am 60 now) I don’t want it to stop my movement.  My father had and my sister has arthritis too so it was a concern for the future.

I have tried various alternative therapies and supplements (like glucosamine and magnesium) but not found anything that made that much difference.  I thought I might need to change my diet as this is the approach with Ayurveda, although I do eat pretty healthy.


Sonja provided a consultation and advised lifestyle change. Initially the husband was very anti changing the diet (he is the main chef!) but then he himself was diagnosed with high PSI, Urea and cholesterol so decided to support me and give it a go.


Recently I had a blood test because I wanted the arthritis on my medical record.  However… when I went to collect the results, my GP thought they had sent the wrong results as it showed all my blood work as being perfect!