” I won’t deny that the past few months have not been a challenge. Giving up some bad habits that you have lived with for years is not easy. Last year, I struggled to button the jacket because I had put on more weight. I was shocked that this time, I could not only button the jacket but also felt I was swimming in it. Hard work pays off. I would encourage others to consider making changes in your habits and if you need help in making the change, there is no person better than Sonja.”


The problem:

For many years, my clients has been carrying extra weight, which would qualify him to be in the obese category. Even more worryingly, the weight still continued to go up. He was now mentally ready to turn his life around and just needed a bit of extra motivation and some new skills.

The approach:

The first thing we discussed was a reorganisation of the kitchen appliances giving more prominence to the blender and juicer and less importance to the likes of the microwave and toaster. Then we tackled the cupboards, clearing out one that we called the good cupboard – reserved for only healthy food – and putting all of the unhealthy things into another cupboard that was the bad cupboard. Subsequent visits we discussed food choices and introduced new foods into the diet. I have delivered organic fruit and vegetables weekly to provide fruit and vegetable galore, and hoping that with so many good choices readily available at home, the bad habits can slowly but surely fall by the wayside.

The result:

My client has successfully introduced new lifestyle habits and new foods as well as changed to a beneficial organic diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. And instead of piling on weight, the weight gain has stopped and my client has actually dropped weight for the first time in many years. In a personal conversation, the Clinical Manager of the Bowel Cancer Screening Centre at St. Mark’s Hospital affirmed that this new diet, where my clients gets a lot of the five a days and fibre, will give benefits to help counteract the negative aspects of his previous lifestyle.