“Having been diagnosed with Steathopepatitis, I didn’t want to heavily rely on medication and so I turned to Sonja to help with a food and diet plan suitable for my body type. Sonja recommended the ‘live yourself happy programme’ which sounded perfect for me. The coaching was fun, informative and really helpful. I have just received the news from my GP that my Steathopepatitis has cleared up, thanks to my new diet and natural lifestyle. Live yourself happy has worked for me and I will recommend it to others too!!”

The problem:

Having been diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a common, often “silent” liver disease, my client was to be put on medication.  NASH can lead to cirrhosis meaning the liver is permanently damaged and scarred, and no longer able to function correctly.

My client feared that medication could have negative side effects leading to further health issues so she successfully persuaded her GP to delay the medication to allow her time to try a more natural approach first.  Failing this she would agree to the course of medication.

My client and I worked together over the course of 39 days with the aim of helping her to improve her condition and hopefully be able to avoid the medical intervention.

The approach:

Over a series of Skyped online coaching sessions, we unraveled her current lifestyle and nutritional status, and, whilst she did not have any detrimental food habits, it became apparent that there was potential for growth by simply adding more good habits.

We worked together to increase the variety of ingredients she used day to day, by introducing completely new foods for which a trip to the health food store was necessary. We complimented this with the use of more fresh and raw foods in her daily meals. Finally, we added a liver cleanse to the programme, which included the use of herbs and specific ingredients.

Each week, prior to our consultation, my client would send me her food diary which recorded only the good, new habits she had taken on during the course of our working together.  Each coaching session involved discussing the ease or difficulty of introducing these changes and from there we would add new ideas and foods to the repertoire.

The result:

Upon a further blood test scheduled prior to the course of medication the GP had to admit that, to his surprise, the liver had cleared up and she didn’t need to go down the pharmaceutical route.