“Returning from holiday, I noticed how little dairy I consumed whilst away. Our diet [at home] tends to be heavily dairy centred & wondered if I could find an alternative to this. I turned to Sonja for help and she introduced me to tasty dairy free alternatives and new delicious whole foods. Not only was I able to take on her advice and try out new food recipes, but I also found a way of improving my protein intake as a vegetarian (without having to rely on vitamin & iron supplements!). After only a couple of weeks of cutting down on dairy and wheat, I found I am definitely less bloated!!! I am eating more buckwheat and pulses, juicing vegetables and fruit. I feel full of energy & health!”

Stefania Distante, Photographer


The problem:

The client had been on an unexpected nutritional change during her holiday and loved the way it made her feel. Back home she felt tired, sluggish and bloated having once again begun consuming her conventional diet. She suspected that she might be intolerant to certain foods and wished to overhaul her diet by looking for alternative foods which would not require her to compromise on the nutrition she needed.

The approach:

In a series of personal coaching sessions we discussed her nutritional goals and what she wanted to achieve. As a vegetarian, she was looking to cut out dairy products but was worried about losing protein value in her diet in the process. We conducted an ayurveda-body-type-test, which gave us further information on her specific nutritional requirements.

Personal coaching sessions were hands-on, often conducted in the kitchen through studying, smelling and touching new foods. I provided guidance on how to prepare protein rich, botanical meals using completely new ingredients, which my client could then replicate at home.

The study of additional information about her body type and its requirements was very insightful and revealing, and the protein rich, dairy & wheat free buckwheat pancakes were a great fit.

The result:

My client not only felt healthier on her new diet, she also felt that there were more nutritional options available to her – not less!  These new options help support her nutritional goals and she is now confident that she can achieve the right nutritional balance on a botanical and vegan diet.