The problem

The 80 year old patient had previously suffered from lung cancer and overcome the condition with radio therapy. But the cancer had come back within a year and had affected the intestine and the hip-bone. The hip was badly damaged and he received an operation to stabilise the hip with a nail. After the operation, the patient had problems walking and breathing and the cancer was not yet tackled. There seemed not much hope going round for the patient and he almost decided not to seek treatment but let life and the disease take its course. The expectation was that it would take about 3 months for things to get a lot worse.


The approach

First of all I started with motivating the patient to carry out the treatment and provided  support after the operation. This helped the patient make the decision to receive radio therapy alongside natural, ayurvedic remedies. I have recommended a vast variety of herbs and remedies, which supported the patient and mitigated the side effects of radio therapy. In addition, he was given a cancer fighting diet, specific herbs and lifestyle tips.


The result

The body has healed, the cancer has disappeared and a blood test 9 months later at age 81 revealed “ all normal, no complaints”. The patient is really happy and continues to gain weight and strength after his ordeal. He carries on with the natural therapy and continuous on a cancer prevention and immune boosting journey. A further follow up appointment two years later reveled: “the patient is in extraordinary good condition considering his age”.

The complication

Feeling better and confident, the client stopped all ayurvedic herbs and reverted back to his old lifestyle. He also received a couple of vaccinations during the covid outbreak and has avoided catching the covid virus. Unfortunately, the same cancer returned after two years. More or less the same treatment protocol was repeated (with some additions) and the same good outcome was achieved. The client, now 83 years old, has promised to finally stick to the lifestyle change as prescribed by Ayurveda and instructed the house-keeper accordingly.



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