The problem:

The client had undergone a period of intense stress with six coinciding lifestyle-related stress factors causing pressure on the mind-body anatomy. This reduced immunity caused constipation, and reduced digestive capacity. The client subsequently developed Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This is due to the activation of a dormant varicella zoster virus (a result of chickenpox immunity) in the body. Subsequently, this condition turned into Bell’s palsy and caused the vata body energy to leave its normal site and relocate to the facial area. Bell’s palsy is a facial paralysis, where one side of the face visibly drops down. This condition impairs use of the facial muscles and causes difficulty with eating, drinking, speaking, and smiling.

The approach:

We scheduled an initial Skype appointment where we discussed most of the relevant history and the condition. This was followed up by a personal consultation, where I checked the client’s pulse (on empty stomach) and found that not only vata but also pitta are involved in the condition. One part of the programme involved reducing endotoxins in the body (ama pachana) to help digestion and elimination to recover through diet and lifestyle. The client was also asked to take herbal tablets made out of everyday kitchen spices to help this process. These spices have been carefully selected taking the vata/pitta nature of the disease into consideration. The second part of the programme pertained to five consecutive physical treatments with carefully selected herbal oils. The treatment plan consisted of shiro dhara, shiro pichu and abhyanga. Additionally, the client was asked to administer nasya treatments on a daily basis at home.


The outcome:

The outcome is entirely satisfactory and the client has recovered fully. We have scheduled one more final consultation to discuss pro-active health strategies based on the client’s specific body type. This should hopefully help to balance the bio-energies in the body and avoid a future re-occurrence of this disease.

What the client said:

“Sonja has been a godsend. She has provided such a professional and personal service and has the ability to shine hope and light even if you can’t see it. It has been incredibly easy to open up to Sonja and work with her excellent knowledge of Ayurveda. I would absolutely recommend Sonja and use her services again in the future. Thank you Sonja.”