The problem:

Many of the cancer patients are faced with the need to change their existing lifestyle to a healing lifestyle which is more in line with our natural design. Many patients tend to still eat a high sugar diet containing many packaged foods. Today, we know that these foods are nutritionally deficient, contain additives and toxins and burden the digestive system, impairing many healing functions.

The approach:

I have presented a topic “foods for a healing diet’ and managed to address the variety of stages in lifestyle development in the room. Unfortunately, the participants had brought a lot of packaged food to share and it was commented after my presentation that ‘these foods are not healthy’. It was great to realise the message is sinking in.

The result:

I thought we might get a presentation with health advise being ‘eat meat and two veg.’, but Sonja’s presentation “What is a healing diet & lifestyle?” is VERY different!! I am delighted that it covered a broad holistic base and that I have learned something new today.

Maria Penicud (Support Group Leader)