Why should I know my Ayurvedic body type?

Ayurveda is natural and personalised health care approach. Personalised because everybody has unique body bio-energies. The body bio energies resemble the characteristics in the body, which we typically attach to the elements of: space, air, fire, water and earth.

By knowing your body type you will have deeper knowledge of self and you will be able to prevent wellness issues as well as have the tools to balance your wellbeing fluctuations.

Any imbalances in your body bio energies can have a substantial effect on your quality of life and keeping your body bio energies in balance with the food and lifestyle choices right for you will transform your life.

Imbalanced Vata

When out of balance, vata tends to cause fear, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and exhaustion. It can lead to both physical and energetic depletion, disrupt proper communication, and cause all sorts of abnormal movements in the body, such as tics, tremors, and muscle spasms.

Imbalanced Pitta

When out of balance, pitta causes fiery, reactionary emotions such as frustration, anger, jealously, and criticism. Imbalanced pitta is often at the root of inflammatory disorders, which can affect organs and tissues throughout the body.

Imbalanced Kapha

When out of balance, kapha triggers emotions of attachment, greed, and possessiveness and can also create stubbornness, lethargy, and resistance to change. Physically, kapha tends to invite stagnation and congestion in organs and tissues throughout the body—including the mind.