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In my programmes I speak a lot about body bio-energies, doshas and humors, but does anybody know what I am talking about? You have these body bio-energies too and if you want to avoid getting sick you need to keep these body bio-energies functioning well.

Where do Body Bio-Energies come from?

Body bio-energies within the human or animal body are, according to the eastern traditional and natural medicine Ayurveda, referred to as doshas. Body bio-energies used to be common medical terminology, referred to as humors in older medical textbooks. But, sadly, the concept of humors has been dropped from our western, modern medicine, disappearing completely without a trace, and has been replaced in popularity by a quantitative research methodology called “randomized controlled trials” and “evidence-based research”. However, there is a move to go back to the equivalent as we are seeing “personalised medicine” research emerging in western medicine.

However, the concept of humors is central to traditional eastern medicines and is such a fundamental concept that it can’t be dropped nor replaced, thus the wealth of knowledge is still available to us. This knowledge enriches medical perception to provide us with a definition of health, ways for proactive and preventative healthcare, and also solutions to well-being issues before they mature into a well-defined disease pattern. Plus, there are Ayurvedic hospitals treating diseases, and those which specialise in chronic lifestyle diseases, achieving good results with difficult issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

What are Body Bio-Energies?

Bio-energies describe the “climate” in the body, just as we would describe the climate of a room or the weather. The climate is important because we can infer a health consequence arising from this climate. Just as the Bank of England uses climate control to store precious metal and paper money, there are benefits to practising climate control within the body. We don’t want it too dry, as that will cause cracks and brittleness, and we don’t want it too mucous, causing dampness and mould, nor do we want it too hot or too cold, both of which can cause an adverse effect. If you have ever stored something in your garage and it was ruined after a couple of years, you will understand how important climate control actually is. Or simply sticking vegetables in the fridge is an act of climate control, as the cooler climate with a bit of moisture will keep them fresh and healthy for longer. So, you can now imagine inside your body, your vital organs, your joints and your bones are all affected by the climate that we keep within our bodies.

We are born with a tendency towards a specific climate, hence the old “window open, window closed” office debate; some have a cooler internal climate than others. But the beauty of climate is that we can also affect this climate with our food and lifestyle (choices, routines and habits) and we can be in control of our own body climate! In my course “7 Steps to Better Sleep”, you will find a questionnaire helping to pinpoint your body climate. The reason I have included this is that a sleep problem, or any disturbance to a natural process, can arise from an imbalance in your internal body climate.

What are the Effects of Body Bio-energies?

The body’s bio-energies affect the body climate and with that the health of your body components – the organs, bones, the delivery channels for the blood or lymphatic systems, for example. It also affects the function of natural processes, how quickly you can drop in and out of sleep and the efficiency of your digestive capacity. To give you an example: if your environment is too cold and mucous, then the digestion is not going to be super great and the delivery channels may not flow too well. If your environment is too hot, then processes may be too fast and cause overheating – ulcers and rashes may result – and your components are overworked, which is appropriately called “burn out” in common terms.

As body, mind and soul share the same space, the climate created by the body bio-energy also affects the mind, and with that the emotions. There is a saying that “energy follows thought”, so the mind is an important aspect of creation and manifestation. The body bio-energies are linked to pretty much all outcomes in our lives and undeniably play a part in co-outcomes. Actually, it is impossible for them NOT to have an effect; they will always be linked to the outcomes in your life to a certain extent. So, in summary, body bio-energies affect your ability to function, your digestion, your ability to achieve natural sleep, your decision-making, your patience, energy and performance, and your healthy balance. In fact, an imbalance of your body bio-energies always precedes any already established disease.

Do We All Need to Aim for the Same Climate?

You are born with a tendency to a certain climate and you can’t get away from that; you will continuously have to balance out this tendency. And you can choose lifestyle tools (choices, routines and habits) for that. Given that it is acceptable for everybody to have a different balancing point, we can’t all achieve the same body bio-energy balance; we have to live with differences. You’re not balancing your body bio-energy with lifestyle choices to reach a status quo, you’re wanting to achieve balance for the prevention of an imbalance. An imbalance causes wellness issues, reduces the quality of life, limits energy and performance, and always precedes any potential disease.

You should also be aware when balancing your internal body climate that the external climate will have an effect on your internal climate. So, when it is hot outside and you are looking to reduce an overheated body-climate, this will be harder to achieve than when it is cold. Similarly, if you are cold and damp and the outside environment is cold and damp too, it will be harder to increase the heat element. Similarly, the external environment can also work to your benefit and support your balancing efforts nicely. This is the reason that I offer a coaching programme called “Seasonal Coaching” where I provide you with personally tailored seasonal advice which you can follow. I am hoping that this creates awareness and experience of how to balance your internal climate at this crucial point of seasonal change. Seasonal change is a bit stressful for the body and immunity is low during the change of seasons when the body is coping with adjusting its internal climate to the environment around it.

Following this advice will also help to keep seasonal breakdowns at bay. It is very good as a first suggestion of what you can do now. Or you can use these coaching sessions as an MOT after you have taken one of my courses. But what it won’t do is reset your body bio-energies completely; if you want a whole body bio-energy reset you will need to work with me for 40 days in my “Live Yourself Happy in 40 days Programme”.


Sonja Breuer (MSc. ayur. med.) is tapping into a niche solution for improving sleep by combining the eastern medicine of Ayurveda and yoga. The products available are online courses and individual coaching. She encourages people to embrace lifestyle changes to bring about better sleep, leading to greater levels of well-being, energy and performance. Sonja is qualified with a postgraduate degree in Ayurvedic medicine and has more than 1000 yoga-teaching hours. She holds coaching and mentoring diplomas and has energy healing abilities. She has devised online programmes for better sleep: “7 Steps to Better Sleep” and “Yoga for Better Sleep”, so you can get started immediately, either before or whilst working with her in person, either online or offline.