Congratulations! You are about to start Your Best Life Programme.

We know that sometimes we need to practice some self-love ❤️ and we all need a gentle nudge to change our whole world. Let’s be honest, nobody really enjoys change and upheaval and it often seems like such a massive undertaking that we don’t know where to begin.

We know that if you want to create a big movement, you just need to take a few small steps 👣 to get started and then make gradual adjustments along the way to gain momentum and reach your goals.

Adjusting your lifestyle even slightly can give you a whole new lease of life, but it doesn’t always mean you have to start doing all the things in one go, if you’ve never even contemplated them before.

I’ve developed my Best Life Programme, which runs for 21 days and gives you a way to mix up the things that you are already doing in your daily routine, making a slight variation which means the daily challenges are much easier to master.

What you will receive -

✍️ A daily motivational email with a small challenge into your inbox with instructions for for how to complete the simple daily task, totaling 21 day ayurveda challenges to be mindful of.

💡 Each challenge includes background information about this task, why it is important, this will help you gain in respect of  simple actions to boost your health and well-being.

☕️ Packs of my 3 relaxing, rejuvenating and ecologically grown herbal teas to try: Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Evening Tea.

🧘‍♀️ FREE access to my daily online 45 min yoga class via zoom and a welcome email (a link will be sent to you once you have joined the programme).

    My herbal tea blends are:

    Uniquely hand blended ecologically grown teas.

    Teas to help you clean and cleanse.

    Teas to tonify and support the important systems.

    They will help you digest more effectively, sleep better and relax more easily.

    *** BONUS OFFER ***

    When you reach day 21 you will automatically be invited to a Body Type consultation with me, which will help you understand how this programme of simple changes can be tailored to meet your body type requirements.

    My Body Type Consultation includes – a 45 min. personal consultation about you, your body type and how you can use this knowledge in your life.

    👉 We know that more self knowledge gives a greater opportunity for targeted self-care and a more balanced, healthy and happy life.

    If you’d like to join my Best Life Programme then follow the link below.👇


    21 Ayurveda Challenge

    Receive the 21 day ayurveda challenge per e-mail into your inbox.

    Each day you will be tasked with a small, and easy to achieve challenge.

    Some of the good habits will stick around and be with you for a lifetime.

    Invest into your well-being, are you ready for your journey?