Ayurveda Herbal Treatment:

Abhyanga: Full body oil treatment with medicated herbal oils helps balance wind and air energies, improves aches and pains, and helps with anxiety and stress.

Indian Head Massage: Massage for head and skulp to refresh and restore. Improves memory, prevents headaches, helps with sleeplessness

Kati Vasti or Kati Abhyanga: Various treatments for the back and the spinal cord, spinal fluid, and the main pathways (nadies) in the back. “One is as old as the spine feels” – ancient proverb.

Navra Kizi: Strength providing, anabolic herbal treatment with warm rice bolus treating whole body or affected area.

Udvarthana: Detoxifying and invigorating whole body treatment with herbal powders useful for weight reduction.

Shiro Vasti or Shiro Abhyanga: Various treatments for the head helping with anxiety, depression, and headaches.

Pinda Sveda Abhyanga: Lbocalised treatment with herbal oil and steam for treating aches and pains.

Nasya: Treatment for sinuses with overall mental alertness and clarity effect.

Muka Uptain: Face massage with herbal powders – a pampering facial treatment which reduces breakouts and stimulates pressure points, leaving you feel radiant and glowing.

Hasta Pada Marma Abhyanga: Marma point stimulation in hands and feet for healing and love energy to flow through the body.

More Treatments are available

Individual Ayurveda Treatments

Treatment Plans:

Restorative Spa-Experience:

This block of three treatments is ideal for:

  • living your best life & lifestyle maintenance
  • less serious complaints
  • holistic complementary lifestyle choice
  • getting to know Ayurveda
  • starting point to main treatment plan.


Essential Treatment Course

This block of seven treatments is ideal for:

  • treatment of physical or mental complaints
  • help kick-start a healing response
  • relief of painful conditions
  • increase of mobility and range of motion
  • desire for a specific health result

Happy in 40 Days Detox

This 40 day course is ideal for :

  • complementary health care solution
  • chronic lifestyle related problems
  • holistic approach to health care
  • coaching, diet & lifestyle and treatments
  • deep seated health problems