Ayurveda is a proactive, co-creative, traditional medicine, based on entirely natural methods.

It does include natural remedies such as herbal products, but what is more, it contains DIET & LIFESTYLE tips too, which is part and parcel of a holistic solution to well-being.

Many of our modern-day health problems are often called “lifestyle-related disorders”, which means they have their origin in faulty or damaged lifestyles. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, but perhaps according to ayurveda you could do things more naturally. A damaged lifestyle is a lifestyle which is grinding at you, reducing your energy and resilience.

The truth is that our natural environment has changed a lot and will continue to change. Whilst our living environment has become more technical, artificial, digital and seems to have sped up, we are now FEELING more time-pressured, live in a world that has been concreted over and as we are prioritising for a huge number of vehicles, transportation and machines; Our bodies, however, still adhere to millions-of-years-old biological principles.

According to the natural healthcare system Ayurveda, you have a unique body type

made up of the five eastern elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. You

embody a unique combination of these elements, forming your body bio-energies

of Vata, Pitta and Kapha which determine your healthcare requirements.

If your lifestyle choices are opposed to what you need for your unique balancing point, you will start to feel unwell and with symptoms, such as … sleep problems, anxiety and increased stress levels… or more. To improve your well-being, you can live more naturally, harmonising nature with your unique body requirements.

I believe natural processes should not be medicalized. I have developed a couple of online courses which teach you how you can balance natural processes with the natural methods of Ayurveda and Yoga and achieve better well-being. Take sleep for example, according to Ayurveda, insomnia is a disturbance in well-being; it is a symptom of the underlying problem: a body bio-energy imbalance. To re-balance these elements we can use several methods: diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements and external ayurvedic applications.


The truth is that your lifestyle choices have a direct impact on your body bio-energies of vata, pitta and kapha, which in turn determine your well-being.

About Consultant Sonja:

Sonja is an experienced Ayurveda consultant, with training from London, UK as well as Indian Hospitals. The initial consultation with Sonja will reveal a lot about your health status with ayurvedic perception. The investigation focuses on your bio energies and your digestive capacity as well as the development and cause of the health problem. This will inform the treatment approach according to Ayurveda.

Individual Ayurveda Treatments

Abhyanga: Full body oil treatment with medicated herbal oils helps balance wind and air energies, improves aches and pains, and helps with anxiety and stress.

Indian Head Massage: Massage for head and skulp to refresh and restore. Improves memory, prevents headaches, helps with sleeplessness

Kati Vasti or Kati Abhyanga: Various treatments for the back and the spinal cord, spinal fluid, and the main pathways (nadies) in the back. “One is as old as the spine feels” – ancient proverb.

Navra Kizi: Strength providing, anabolic herbal treatment with warm rice bolus treating whole body or affected area.

Udvarthana: Detoxifying and invigorating whole body treatment with herbal powders useful for weight reduction.

Shiro Vasti or Shiro Abhyanga: Various treatments for the head helping with anxiety, depression, and headaches.

Pinda Sveda Abhyanga: Lbocalised treatment with herbal oil and steam for treating aches and pains.

Nasya: Treatment for sinuses with overall mental alertness and clarity effect.

Muka Uptain: Face massage with herbal powders – a pampering facial treatment which reduces breakouts and stimulates pressure points, leaving you feel radiant and glowing.

Hasta Pada Marma Abhyanga: Marma point stimulation in hands and feet for healing and love energy to flow through the body.

More Treatments are available

Treatment Plans:

Restorative Spa-Experience:

This block of three treatments is ideal for:

  • less serious complaints
  • holistic complementary lifestyle choice
  • getting to know Ayurveda
  • starting point to main treatment plan.


Essential Treatment Course

This block of seven treatments is ideal for:

  • treatment of physical or mental complaints
  • help kick-start a healing response
  • relief of painful conditions
  • increase of mobility and range of motion

Healing Wellness Programme

This 40 day course is ideal for :

  • complementary health care solution
  • chronic lifestyle related problems
  • holistic approach to health care
  • coaching, diet & lifestyle and treatments