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Ayurveda for Psoriasis

Ayurveda is a natural self-care method, which you can apply at home because it is natural, simple, and effective. Learning to live a life of self-care and in unity with your nature is something that the Ayurvedic consultant will help you to achieve.


We know that genetic factors, the immune system, trigger factors, and lifestyle-damage are collaborating factors causing the disease. When you have psoriasis, the immune system “misfires” and inappropriately causes inflammation and an accelerated growth of skin cells. The end result is a cycle of skin cells growing too fast, moving to the surface of the skin and piling up as dead cells (the white scale). The top, or epidermal, layer of the skin thickens, redness develops as blood vessels expand and multiply, and blood flow to the skin increases.

Trigger Factors

You may have lived your damaged lifestyle for a while and never had a problem before, so why should it be lifestyle related? The answer is that there may be trigger factors of psoriasis, coinciding with a damaged lifestyle. Very often a range of circumstances collaborate to produce a health problem. These trigger factors can be: a stressful life event, a bit of skin damage as little as a sunburn, certain drugs, or an infection.

A healing lifestyle

A healing lifestyle and a damaged lifestyle are polar opposites. You may or may not already be aware that your lifestyle damage is damaging your health. Stress and irregularity is a component of lifestyle damage and you may want to take steps to eliminate such stress and irregularities as they weaken your immune system and cause toxins.

In most cases, you may not be the cause of stress in your life, but you are the only one who can put a stop to it. You could take time out, play calm music, meditate, and remove those factors which are the cause of your stress. You can join one of my yoga classes, which are very calming and refreshing, or any other Kundalini yoga class.

This article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the non-physical dimension of disease. Since we also have an energetic body – layers of the aura, so to speak – as a person we are much more than just the physical body. Sometimes disease is caused in the energy field, through mental and emotional stress, which eventually manifests in the densest form of our being, the innermost layer, the physical body.

Ayurveda Approach

Ayurveda classifies skin-types as a combination of vata, pitta and kapha. You can have an Ayurvedic skin diagnosis, which will provide information on how to best care for your skin-type naturally. Different skin-types have different needs; this is something we are already aware of.

But it is not just your skin with unique healthcare needs, it is also your whole body inside the skin which has these needs. You can choose to live to support your body’s needs or go against them. And if you go against them, this puts pressure on your immune system and it is easy for dis-ease to take a hold.

So what we are looking to achieve with diet and lifestyle is a body bio-energy rebalance. The body bio-energy of excessive vata is responsible for controlling bodily functions and contributes to the dryness and skin-scaling of psoriasis. Excessive kapha is responsible for growth, itching, and rapid skin cell turnover.

The imbalance between these two energies causes toxins to build up in your system, leading to inflammation. Since toxins are also involved in psoriasis, adding more toxins to the body is not ideal. But toxins can also enter the body with food and with creams. Your Ayurveda consultant will be aiming to improve your digestion to improve your toxin-burning capacity, so additional toxins have no chance to even enter the blood stream.

However, some foods are incompatible and should not be eaten together, no matter what.

For example, incompatible foods are fruits and milk consumed together. So the dairy milkshake should really be replaced with a plant-based milkshake, which tastes just as good. You will be asked to keep a food diary in the follow-up coaching, so that we can spot any of these things which could be changed in your lifestyle to help you on the journey to health.

Here is a list of foods to avoid when on a healing journey with psoriasis:

1) Ayurvedic practices suggest a person should avoid foods that are “in the extreme”, such as tastes that are too salty, too sour, or too acidic.

-Acidic, sour foods like citrus fruit, includes the fruits: lemon, orange, apple, mango, grapes, tomato, pineapple, and pickles such as pickled olives

– Fermented milk products: curd/yoghurt and buttermilk, cheese and other fermented foods, and foods containing yeast

-Avoid common salt (small amount of pink rock salt is OK)

-Avoid spices such as red chillies, green chillies, chilli powder, garlic, onion

2) Ayurvedic practices typically revolve around a vegetarian diet. Also, foods to avoid include high-carbohydrate ingredients and products that contain large amounts of sugar.

-Avoid sweets, chocolates and sugar

-All bakery and wheat flour

-All non-vegetarian food – a vegan diet would be perfect (boiled egg is OK)

-No jams, bought juices, canned food, packaged foods

-No dry fruits (with the exception of almonds & raisins)

3) Ayurveda promotes freshly cooked foods at home, organic fruit and vegetables and no leftovers or old, stale, frozen, canned or pre-packaged food, and no toxic foods.

-No cold drinks, ice creams, fast food (e.g. pizzas), ready-made sauces such as ketchup

-No deep-fried foods such as crisps or chips

-No tobacco and alcohol

4) Ayurveda has a list of incompatible food to avoid at all times

-No milkshakes, fruits salads, and no milk after eating fruits for half an hour


The Ayurvedic approach to psoriasis is entirely natural. Once you can change your diet and lifestyle, you are on a great path. I can help you and coach you along this path of diet and lifestyle change, improving your digestion and removing toxins. And you can also supplement your diet with herbal supplements. You can do this at home and I will work with you. My approach is an initial consultation and then ongoing coaching for you to achieve your health goals with Ayurveda.

I am also closely working with Dr. Gaurang, who runs a dermatology Panchakarma centre in India. You can choose to stay in this specialist Ayurvedic Panchakarma centre for detoxification and 24-hour support. Attached are some results of the Ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis, courtesy of Dr. Gaurang’s clinic.

  1. Diet Management according to Ayurveda

  2. Lifestyle Management according to Ayurveda

  3. Stress Management according to Ayurveda

  4. Ayurveda Herbs and natural skincare

  5. Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment in India

Dr. Gaurang is visiting us here in Spain for a variety of events from the 28.10.2019 – 04.11.2019 including a Gala Dinner Event, where you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle, talk about his centre in India and book a private 1:1 consultation.