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Ayurveda Presentation: Stress Types

The problem:

A gym wanted to add value for its clientele, as well as differentiating itself from the competition by keeping its members engaged. As such, they promoted holistic living during an annual, week long event and booked speakers who would present interesting and inspiring material to their yoga students.

The approach:

The usual yoga lesson was substituted with a knowledge presentation containing new information about Ayurveda. The yoga students learned that there are various stress body types and discovered how to balance ones own stress-body-type with nutrition and lifestyle. The interactive discussion and ‘find your body type’ exercises enabled the students to gain insight into their relationship dynamics with stress.

The result:

The feedback from the interactive session was positive and as such the same presentation is to run four times a year at this particular yoga studio, helping not only the students themselves to make a difference to their lives, but also enabling the staff to provide extra value to their members.

imageFollowing the success and fantastic feedback of last year’s holistic week, we are planning another one at the beginning of August. I would love for Sonja to be involved again as her energy and enthusiasm was a great contribution last time!

(George Kousouros, Virgin Active Health Club)