Personal development workshop to discover your true essence and to live your purpose!

Stress can sometimes come from us squeezing into a role which is all wrong for us. But how do we know what is right for us? Or they come from the perception we are not in the right place, when we actually are.

To access your true divine essence and the ability to live your purpose consciously, I offer the Kundalini Art Yoga technique. We use a very gentle and creative process to help you deal with barriers to success, allow you to access vital subconscious information and drive you forward to flourish and utilise your inner wisdom. Use this tool to experience deeper access to your inner world and further personal development, often with quantum leap results.

There is nothing new about our approach. In fact, modalities like fluid art and yoga, have been used by humanity for the purpose of deeper self-knowledge, holistic expression and personal development since the beginning of time. We use the best of Kundalini Yoga, such as structured dynamic movement, yoga, painting, writing and meditation and nadi sound and combine it with intuitive artistic expression with paint and paper.

Why do we need knowledge about our essence?

We live in a world where we are supposed to get a proper job (nothing too creative), where children are educated by sitting at a desk learning the same subjects, and we are supposed to fit into an existing structure. We are not being asked to develop our inherent interests, talents and creativity for fear of our parents that we won’t be able to hold down a proper job, secure and money making job.

But times have changed, education is beginning to change too. There is no more one job for life,  this type of world is crumbling. We are seeing the beginnings of a gig economy, raising self-employment, a world where we need to be multi-talented, innovative and able to express our uniqueness to make a difference in the world, which is rapidly changing under our feet and within one generation.

The world needs creative solutions to big problems and we need to work together to solve these for the next generation. We need to access our passions and our divine purpose to make a change.

But so many of us are faced with the question: ‘who am I on the inside’ or ‘what makes me happy’ for the very first time. Seemingly easy questions but sometimes difficult to answer. How would you answer them?

And what about these questions:

What is your deep-seated passion and purpose?

Who are you at the chore of your being?

What is currently holding you back?

Do you know your path in life?

What will propel you forward in life?

Can you access your unconscious vault of knowledge?

We are so focused on dealing with our outside world, pleasing the ‘system’ (for lack of a better word) and being stuck in a treat mill that we kind of fell into, thinking that it is what we wanted. But what if you could be really sure, you are at the right place at the right time?

And sadly we are also lacking the tools to go within and if you have tried meditation you may have noticed, it requires some practice. It’s not usually  instant success as it takes some time. But, fluid art and kundalini yoga is a technique, which works for the accomplished inner journey practitioner and the newbie alike.

We live a life of YANG, which is competition, economics, and action upon action. Dare to heal, transform and elevate consciousness by bringing in tools of the feminine into your life and utilising art, music, your sub-conscious intuition and movement.

The whole of our inner and outer world consist of female/male energies, which when in balance produce a beautiful tapestry and harmony in life. The world of aesthetics, love, music, dance, art and craft are feminine energy and the world of money, business and the stock market are male energies. Each person, regardless of their gender, has both energies and abilities present in their bodies.

Today, we experience an obliteration of the feminine energies, skills and abilities, as we tend to place higher value and focus on male energies present in our lives. So we may focus on survival and economic prosperity, almost exclusively.  Kundalini Yoga & Intuitive Art helps to put the YING back into your life and helps you balance, flourish and create happiness.

The truth is, all the knowledge needed to live in harmony with our purpose is already within us. All is contained within ourselves, our seed, called ‘atma’. We only need a way to access to this inner wisdom and this is what we will be doing through art-yoga. Now you can learn to reach into your sub-conscious with light, love and play.

My work with ART YOGA combines the best knowledge of Kundalini Yoga & Fluid Art to bring insightful, relevant and deeply meaningful information, safeguarded by our sub-conscious, our inner being, to the surface and into our consciousness. The results are beautifully transformational & deeply meaningful.

So why do we need feminine, or YING tools to access this information, why is this not automatically present in our daily life?

Some things in life are not defined in duality, in black and white or linear realities. For example, essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing. An example of essence is what is captured of someone’s personality in a good photograph. The definition of an essence is a concentrated form of a flavour or fragrance.

The essence of something, is very hard to convey in words, in fact, our written or verbal vocabulary doesn’t extend far enough to express an essence, flavour or fragrance of anything, let alone the essence of a person. This is where we reach to art, music, poetry and everything that can convey complexity and reach places in our mind-body-energy anatomy that right brain facts can’t reach. It provides personal growth beyond what the male or YANG tools can provide, which are more suitable for creating a structure and a black and white reality.

Both ying and yang methodologies are good and necessary, not one is more important than the other and when together the richness of the life and personal experiences can really beginning to shine and flourish. Sadly, we almost pay no attention to YING in todays’ world and we tend to place greater value on YANG.

Lacking the Ying, do you sometimes ask what is the point of it all?

I bet you that we all have asked this questions “Why are we dong this, what is the point?” at some point in our lives, and most probably from a point of despair or exhaustion. We may have dismissed the question as soon as it came to our minds as pointless moaning, rhetorical or over-dramatized tantrum of our exhausted mind. But what if we had stayed with this question a bit longer and meditated on it? Yes, indeed! What is the point of it all – why are we doing what we are doing and does it make sense to be doing it?

Had we stayed in this opportunity, which despair has so kindly gifted us with, meditation may have started to move us away from the awful despair towards to more flourishing thoughts about who we really are essentially, what divinity really means to us and what our interwoven purpose may be.

Let’s unravel these wonderful thoughts now that we are here again, once ore, anyways.

-Divinity is defined as something sacred, something important, of or relating to a god, especially the supreme being. Divinity is something proceeding from God or a god, such as divine laws, or divine guidance. Something, that is given from the heavenly, a celestial divine kingdom. And purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists, an intended or desired result, end, aim, or goal.

We are starting to beginning to put the pieces together how understanding our true essence (ying and yang) can help define our divine purpose and vice versa. Knowing our divine purpose, we can search for our true essence and our strength, which must be present or at least the potential, which can then developed further.

Isn’t it wonderful and magical, life becomes like poetry, such a magical song, an intuitive piece of art. Who would want to miss out on this richness and magic of this life and instead live a standard everyday life, where all these elements are missing?

The yoga practice and fluid art methodology are awakening the intuitive, magical hard to explain in words but otherwise very real and graspable, inner divine essence. Dynamic movement is designed to by-pass the ego so that during meditation we can connect with a different type of energy. Similarly, intuitive art invites us to explore and flow with colours and shapes, allowing us to let go of wanting to mentally control the paint. Similar to meditation, an image will emerge in front of your eyes, almost as though it has painted itself, seemingly guided by energy outside of us. The additional work we need to do to achieve the awakening effect is for the rational mind to begin to accept and understands these truths, which come in slowly and softly but with the potential for quantum leaps shifts.

We are not always ecstatically happy when we are heading towards awakening our soul.

The subconscious mind-body acts as a vault for information that we haven’t accessed yet, and it also keeps the information that we have received but not dealt with yet, such as previously parked emotions. We have parked these memories because we were unable to deal with them at the time, either because we did not have the time, it was not socially appropriate at the place or we lacked the skill to deal with them at the time.

The journey in the unconscious can help us shift these emotions and deal with the memories, now that we have the time and skill to do this in a calmer and controlled setting. The journey to emotional freedom brings up these unprocessed memories, which we sometimes identify as negative emotions, but they are just signposts to what was in the way. Just like a feeling of despair and exhaustion could have been that gift for awakening had we just stayed in the moment, so can processing parked emotions be a gift in achieving emotional freedom.

Another bit we may want to chisel away at, is what is often called the ego. Let’s assume this ego resembles a fluffy monster. It is fluffy when it feels good when soothed and fed. But, it is a monster when it shows its ugly face when hurt. To make matters more complicated, a society quite lopsided, namely one that values mainly YANG qualities, unwittingly tends to nurture the ego part of our personalities too. In fact some people speak about a cultural narcissism epidemic, where ego glorification has become cultural.

There is an inherent problem, the spiritual journey into our essence, our deeper self has now become infinitely more difficult, because an inflated, untamed ego also comes with a shadow side, which can hinder or block our development, our ability to relate and enjoy relationships with other people. Sadly, a cultural shift towards more narcissism means our collective goal post is changing and we can’t always identify where we need to do the work.

The processes we use are meditative, allowing us to notice small resistance within our bodies and behavioural patterns, which we can, with a bit of attention to self-inquiry, pick up during the yoga and art classes. With greater self-awareness highlighting, “how we do something, is how we everything” we are empowered to recognise mind and behavioural patterns which we tend to repeat over again. And, if we choose to, we can gently challenge our beliefs and engrained patterns to create a shift of great magnitude in our personal lives. We have the opportunity to let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs, which no longer serve us, thereby achieving emotional freedom.

Our own inner wisdom and higher self will answer this process of spiritual or meditative or creative or intuitive enquiry and it is a fascinating process.

Self-love and acceptance is the glue that puts us back together, healing is a divine and loving process.

So we have received information about discovery of our true essence and received an insight into our divine purpose and path forward, we have been shown the obstacles to work on and this seems about right.

But one last thing is still missing.

The cherry on the cake, the one thing that puts all together that allows us to flourish and go into the world make use of all these wonderful discoveries is integration, or simply: self love.

Not so simple.

Although we have our ego and somewhat cultural narcissism, which this seems to give us a self-focus, it is nothing like self-love. All this bravado is self-perpetuated and driven in fact by a lacking self-love, far away from true self-love.

What causes problems with realising self-love are the parts in our personality, patterns, behaviour, feelings, emotions, memories that we have previously judged as unlovable. It’s the areas we want to hide and not show to others or ourselves. We want to live in the delusion that all is perfect, we push down uncomfortable thoughts. When we can accept that all is perfect, whilst we are working on imperfections and is just part and parcel of the package called living a human life, for others, and ourselves without judgement, we achieved self-love.

Truthfully, we all have parts of our personality that need to be back integrated and loved, be it gross or subtle. When we do we feel we can feel better, look after ourselves better, set better boundaries, protect ourselves, forgive ourselves, become mindful and realise our needs rather than wants, able to let go, function in relationships better, enjoy more deeply, can enjoy our beautiful hearts and minds, and are able to flourish.

To shift, heal and transform we need tools that can support us dive deeper into our personalities to bring about information that we need to re-cover lots part of ourselves and integrate them into our personality. Kundalini Art Yoga is perfectly suited as it provides with physical tools and meditative tools, providing practical visualisation as well as meditative realisations.

You will receive answers to burning questions about your life, your humanity and your purpose. As we by-pass the rational mind, we give the creative artist in you an outlet with mediation, movement and visual art to draw on your own wisdom, knowledge and strength hidden within you and for you.

You will discover your soul-contract and your life’s purpose. Gain insight into that which you no longer need and which is holding you back and receive the gift of understanding what you need in order to move forward with you life purpose and/or your burning question.