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Ayurveda is the traditional, entirely natural medicine of India experiencing a renaissance of popularity and discovery by the Western world. Ayurveda is current as it applies to many chronic lifestyle-related diseases of our time and futuristic because it includes cutting-edge concepts, such as personalised medicine. Ayurveda aims to restore health and well-being through balancing the body bio-energies (humors), optimising digestion and removing toxins.  

About half of our population suffer from sleep problems or insomnia at some point in their lives. Ayurveda lends itself to treating natural processes, such as the inability to sleep well, with its natural methods. In the following, I introduce my summary presentation of the self-help training course ‘7 Steps to Better Sleep’ based on Ayurvedic Medicine.

This course is a suitable accompaniment for anybody who is currently undergoing treatment for sleep or the person who wants to tackle their sleep problem by themselves.

The course spans over 7 weeks and the individual receives a new step every week, totalling over 100 audiovisual slides on mp4. This delivery method ensures that the actionable recommendations can be practised and experienced in small bite-size chunks before moving on to the next steps. The participant is requested to keep a diary over the 7 weeks which will map the progress during this course.

The steps:

  1. In step one, the concept of personalised medicine is introduced and explained. The participant learns about their body type and the body bio-energy which causes their sleep problem.

  1. Step number two explains how lifestyle (what we do and how we do it) influences the body bio-energies. The concepts of choice, routine, habits and addiction are introduced.

  1. Next is step 3, which teaches that food has a considerable effect on the body bio-energies and can determine the type of sleep we have. Two different diets are introduced depending on the cause of the sleep problem.

  1. A very important aspect of well-functioning natural processes is the digestive system. This can determine how well we can remove toxins and absorb nutrients from our food. Step 4 teaches digestive optimisation.

  1. Additional help to tackle the sleep problem with herbal remedies is given in step number five. This includes herbs which induce sleep by causing drowsiness and heaviness at night and also herbs with a non-drowsy brain tonic effect.

  1. Daily routines follow on from the lifestyle step by providing daily routines in step 6 which help balance the body bio-energies to achieve the desired outcome, which is better sleep.

  1. And step number 7 explains how body bio-energies can become destabilised by the seasons and how the body can be supported better throughout the year.

My presentation will summarise the 7 steps and not exceed 45 minutes, including 8 mins. for questions and answers. The number of slides presented will not exceed 30 slides. The presentation is suitable for alternative health conferences, general well-being events, mainstream medical conferences which focus on sleep-related health issues as well as corporate events. The author and speaker is an experienced presenter.

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