Knowledge Presentation

The problem:

Entrepreneurs are the first to realise that they often suffer from a lack of productivity due to impaired wellness, and those who work freelance don’t benefit from corporate HR and wellness policies, such as ergonomic seating and other such wellbeing solutions. If you combine wellness unbalance with a constant requirement to work to a deadline, then you can kickstart further occupational health problems and a vicious cycle of stress as further deadlines come around.

The solution:

I was invited to speak to entrepreneurs one evening at one of their premises about healthy work habits and stress management. This was a more formal approach to a lunch-and-learn as it was regarded as a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ knowledge presentation.

The result:

The entrepreneurs felt that they were in control and knowledgeable about preventing occupational related health problems. They also benefited from the Ayurveda-stress-body-type system, which will allow them to monitor their own stress indicators and modify behaviour proactively and accordingly to avoid any future health problems which may have otherwise have developed.

image-5“Freelance translators have some of the least healthy work habits – long hours crouched over a laptop, pushy project managers who shorten our deadlines to give themselves longer ones, and always the temptation to overwork which is less prevalent than in the 9-to-5 world. How refreshing, then, to benefit from Network Wellness’ structured and ayurvedic-based wellness regime. By incorporating Sonja’s wise words and experience in our daily regimen, we return to the market refreshed and ready for the tightest project.”

Matthew Paines, Japanese to English Freelance Translator