Lunch & Learn Presentation

The problem:

The team was looking for an engaging and stimulating lunch time presentation to break up the weekly routine, which was very focused but lacked variation.

The approach:

A lunch-and-learn session began with the participants engaging socially with stimulating music whilst having their lunch together in the presentation room. This set the session up with a lovely atmosphere and prepared the attendees to enjoy the journey through the presentation.  As such, they were engaged and interested in learning new things about their health and well-being.

The solution:

The participants felt that they had been on a journey of discovery during their lunch break, which provided the external stimulus and creativity they had been looking for. Due to this, the company found that the presentation content was not only useful to the individuals themselves, but to the overall business as well because staff happiness keeps the place running smoothly.  Plus the presentation served as a talking point for the team for several weeks afterwards.

image-1“The well-being seminar at Euromonitor International’s lunch hour was very informative and enjoyable. It was designed for those who are interested in health lifestyle issues, but do not have enough time or experience to explore this subject individually. Sonja gave focused and thought-provoking information on different body types and their reactions, a starting point for further interest. It was interesting, interactive and relaxing time, with some personal discoveries, laughter and communication – excellent break in the busy office day in the circle of like-minded people and the expert”.

Evelina Fisher, Head of Sales MEA